Monday, February 15, 2016

I ran with bananas, & it's going to be a while.





Full of love and happy things!

Friday was simple enough.  Just a usual day for work husband and I.

Several of my students brought us Valentine's Day candy and cards.  I think it's funny that most of them hyphenate my last name (I mean, you kind of have to if you didn't really plan out your letters on a piece of paper or's a long name).

I got a care package full of hydration support!  #STAYHYDRATED, I always say!

After months (OCTOBER, Suz!  OCTOBER was the last time I got my hair did!  Layla checked!), I showed my hair and eyebrows some TLC.  I'm the worst at taking care of myself.  Maybe I'm just lazy.

Or both.

While I waited for my hair to turn to a nicer shade of blonde, I read through some interesting articles.

Saturday morning = long run fail.  I was seriously over-thinking my day, not necessarily trying to fin an excuse not to run, but also trying to figure out how to end it faster.  That's kind of dumb.

Another reason I had a difficult time getting the run done = it took me forever to get ready.  I was just in my own head and could NOT get a hold of myself.  I needed to get going, and just kept doing other things.  It was FRRRRREEEEZING outside, so I doubled up from head to toe, and for some reason, it took me forever to get dressed.  Put on my shoes.  Start my watch.  Get gum.  Go look at something on the internet.  Realize that we didn't have bananas.  Figure out a way to get bananas ("I'll get them when I'm done running!").  Talk to Harry about something (I honestly don't remember what -- that's how important it was).  Start my watch again.  Get sunglasses.  Start Jaybird headphones.  Talk to Harry about something else.

I think you get the idea.

At any rate, I picked up some bananas from the market about a third of a mile from our house, and ran home from there...carrying bananas.  I must have looked like I had stolen them, because I got some seriously curious looks from pedestrians.

I got showered up and had some breaky, then took off to pick up Harry and Sophs.  We pick her up from her mom about 11 miles away ------> perfect for a long run!  We hit up the Costco for some #LA2016 watching noms!

And some serious Valentine's Day eats.



After the low-key/sort of exciting afternoon, we head over to the Filament Theater for some prime entertainment.  One of the actors came out before the show started to invite children to snuggle up on the pillows and blankies there on the floor.  Sophs didn't want any part of it.  Other than that, she absolutely loved the musical, which really warmed Harry's heart.

And yes.  The theater is right across the street from Josi's.  So WE HAD TO GO!

Just yum.  I was a little simple

Behold:  My last sweets until next weekend.  That's right -- no more ice cream, no more froyo or candy.  No sweets during the week, and sparingly on the weekends.  Knowing this, I sort of went a little overboard.  Regardless, it's going to be a while, and it's definitely the right move for me right now.

In related news, my husband rocked Valentine's Day.

Does anyone else do this?

The snow started coming down around 11:00am (as per predicted, I was actually impressed with the weather app).  Harry and Sophs had to run an errand around the corner before taking off to drop her off.  I went outside to warm up the Jeep and found the unmistakable tracks of an eight year-old on Heelies.

All ready to go!

After dropping Sophs off, we had a couple more errands to run before going home and basically hibernating for the rest of the day.  I wanted these, but I quickly realized that it wouldn't have been a good idea to keep them in the house...with my new *no week sweets* and all...

It started to get a little scary --- kind of quickly...thank goodness for 4WD.:)

After getting home, the rest of our day consisted of a little lunch, audibly paired with Kanye's new album (GO CHECK IT OUT!  We listened to it all the way through while sitting in the kitchen.  Also, I ate more chocolate.).  After that, we moved to the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

Still dominating that bag of Chicago-style popcorn and watching "Sense 8".  We really did it up for Valentine's Day.<3


Did you do anything fun for Valentine's Day, or were you low-key like us?

Have you restricted (yup, I'm okay with using that word) sweets to certain days?

Did you watch the Olympic Trials?  Did your fave runner get top three?
-My favorite runner and spirit animal Andrea Duke had to bail at mile 14, and she was more than happy to.  That's the strength of a runner who loves what she does and is honored with every step!:)


  1. I spent the rest of yesterday recovering from that brutal run. I was seriously hurting. I think the cold got to me! Then my husband served pasta and wine and all was good again.

    1. I'm beginning to believe that we all hurt just for food and booze.

      I mean, sometimes the running part is fun, but the calories that come afterward are the best.

  2. I've run home with a backpack full of groceries before. Necessities. What did your stylist say about your bangs??

    1. SHE.SAID.NOTHING. She laughed, then said "I'll fiiiiiiiix them, gaaaaaaah".:D

  3. Six degrees?

    I would cry. I'm escaping winter right now in California, but we'll see how long that actually gets to last. :O

    Yay for Ferrero Rochers! I love me some hazelnut chocolate! <3


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