Friday, January 29, 2016


Let me just quickly update you what my current mood is (last night, husband has gone to classes, "Pretty Little Liars" rolling on Netflix).  This week has my number, so I'm so happy it's Friday! 

Can one of my faves just be "Everything from Trader Joe's"?  I know, such a generic statement, but seriously.  I <3 everything they do.



My new fave breaky (NEWSFLASH:  It's from TJ's.) -- Perfect for on-the-go:

Fave caffeine!

My fave food accessory (that's a real thing):

My new fave sweet thing -------------- and what's really newsworthy is that I have only had TWO OF THESE this week.  Believe me, I could put it away in one sitting, but I <3 them so much, I'm showing an alarming amount of restraint.

/TJ's rant

Favorite big kid truth.

My run on Tuesday, 30*F, and I dared to defy Chicago weather by running in shorts.  Fave.

P.S. those little dots of ice didn't take me down.

Here's where this blog post comes to an awkward halt -- I can't pick a fave.

Fresh fruit with chili powder on top that costs about a $1.00 from the little lady with a food cart across the street from my school.  ALL OF THE YES.

My new toast-topper!  This stuff is ridiculously good, almost to the point of obnoxiously good.

And speaking of obnoxious, while I'm a fan of organized chaos, I know that I need to have more set plans, no matter the projected derailment of said plan.

And just because it's Friday, and I have a blog (helloooooooooo, attention-seeker), here's my favorite "I'm so stoked about the snow, I'm gonna stop my run, set the self-timer, and go play in it" picture.

And speaking of "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!", I'm off for a run!  Have a gorgeous day, friend!:)
Tell me one of your favorite things!  (It can clearly be something other than food, since I've got that covered.)

Running in the cold wearing shorts -- Yay or nay?
-I guess it depends on your definition of "cold", since mine has drastically changed since moving to Chicago from Texas, back when 40*F was cold.

I'm annoyed at how long it's been since I've had a pedicure.  When was the last time you got one?



  1. If the sun is out, I may run in shorts if it's around 30. Otherwise, that's capri weather! And I'm very, very impressed with your will power to only eat 2 of the PB cups a week. They've been demolished in one day in our house!

    1. Well SURPRISE, I went to grab a couple of the PB cups to take with me today to work, and Harry has apparently finished them off! RUUUUUUUUUUDE!>:O

  2. Trader Joe's coffee is pretty bomb ;) And their cashew butter....I made my mom stock up on a few jars since I'm going through them like crazy!

    1. I am seriously considering getting a summer job at one. Last summer was such a BORE with no school.

  3. I actually don't remember the last time I got a real pedicure. I always say that I will get one after a race, and that never happens. I need those cinnamon bun oreos. Except that would be a mistake because they would be GONE

  4. Who doesn't love all things trader joes!? Those pb cups are so addicting!

  5. I love the selfie. Because I love all the selfies!

    1. Selfies have gotten a bad name, but I blame the people who have accidents while taking them.:\

  6. I've been loving avocados lately too. I have a huge bag of them in my kitchen right now, many of which will be turned into guacamole this weekend!

  7. The fruit cup looks so good! I cannot wait till it gets warmer so I can get a cup of corn with the works. Yes, I want everything on it (mayo, butter, chili powder, and lemon juice). Love it!!


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