Saturday, January 30, 2016

If I don't post my workout, did it even happen?

Fridays can either be the best days, or the wonkiest days, especially the week before the quarter ends, and the week after a three-day weekend (MLK last week).  It's usually at the wonkiest point where kids start to lose their attention and focus to rules and our routine.

And best believe, I'm all about the routine.  I'm all about *NO CHAOS* in my P.E. gym, and while my students learn and have fun, I may come across as a little strict.  I just like things a certain way...o.O

I was really looking forward to food.  My first and second graders rocked their Friday, as did my fifth and sixth graders on their quiz (I bounce between Health and Physical Education with the fifth through eighth graders), but I was ready for nourishment.  Some leftover quinoa pasta and broc hit the spot.

From my Instagram -- I'm lucky to have come across NUUN Energy.  It has certainly kept me active and alert.  I've been taking it around 12:30pm or so, around the same time as my Kindergarten class.  Believe me, I need it at this point.:)  Lucky for the kiddos, it was FUN FRIDAY.  This means that if they got all of their P.E. STARS for the week, I let THEM choose what activity they want to do. On this Friday, they chose the parachute.

Last period of the day = my afternoon snack.  Rye toast with an avocado made my tummy so happy!

And though I had planned on making my homemade Chicken Pot Pies (I use healthier ingredients for them:), Harry had ever-so-slightly hinted on -------pizza.  Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, fine by me!

And now that I sit here with my yummy cup of coffee and can see my day ahead of me (run, clean, grocery shopping, dinner with friends -- BRGRBELLY!), I already know what's going to happen.

I have been very diligent over the past four or five years in posting my workouts, whether it was a run, swim, spin or cycle, weights or Yoga.

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ------------->

I recently stopped the option of my DailyMile posting to my personal Facebook timeline.  I kept the posting to Twitter because sometimes I like to give #brandlove (#NUUN, #SweatPink, #FitFluential, and the NEWEST --------- #BEALEGEND ----------- SO STOKED!).  But if I don't post the workout to my friends, did it even happen?

I have no idea where this type of validation comes from, whether it's for attention, for inspiration, for self-motivation, or just to show people that you get up and go do something.  I really do like posting my workouts and inspiring others; there's something gratifying about it.  I'm not bothered by the friends that post memes about people who post their workouts (hellooooooooo, negative Nancys!).  But really, my friends know that I run and bike and blah blah blah by now.


I like having the community support from DailyMile and Strava (though I don't post there that often -- that would require me getting on the brand new bike I purchased that continues to collect dust [I'm changing that this week, though!!!!!!!!!!Promise, LOLA!]).  I even like the support I get from friends personally, but that can lead to other distracting comments (i.e. "I wish I could be as fit as you").  That kind of attention isn't welcome, honestly.

So I shall remain on DM (ADD ME HERE!) and post there (I also like how I can keep track of mileage on my shoes), but I really didn't stop training just because it isn't on my FB.;)

I have GOT to post this and get my Saturday started.  Have an awesome day, y'all!
Do you post your workout?  Where?

Do you make Friday evenings easy in terms of dinner?

CONTROL FREAKS -- Do you own it at work?
-My poor work husband.  He's younger, so he just backs away.  Kinda smart.:)


  1. I've been really bad about posting my workouts to DM this year. I'm not sure why. I was going to sit down later and enter them all in. Is it that important?

  2. I don't post my workouts. Even when I was on DM when I first started running, I kept it private. For whatever reason, my workouts are private, you know? But I respect others' decision to post them. I write mine down.

  3. I have not posted on DM in months. But now I agree with Wendy if is it that important.

    Nuun Energy is the same drink but just a different name but with better ingredients, no? At least that is what I remember reading in another blog.

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  5. Seems to be good quality workout clothes. At first I wasn't real thrilled with these because they came up a little high over my hips, but after wearing the compression leggings on the treadmill a few times, I became a fan BECAUSE they came high over my hips!


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