Monday, October 5, 2015

Well, here we are. Again.

After another break, I finally feel like I can return to blogging.  I feel sad that I have missed so much of y'alls training, hard work and fitness tips, recipes, and of course, those giveaways.  But I know you guys and gals won't let me down -- you've got more to come, right?:)

It's been such a busy summer, a busy start to my school year, and by "busy", I mean "I have time to worry, and that's about it".  Training has gone on the back-burner along with blogging, and while I'm working really hard on my P.E. gym, I feel like I'm making little progress.


Those yucky days are almost gone.  I have a couple more exams to finish, then I'm all done and won't have to worry to the point of ignoring y'all and training.  Like I said, I feel like I can come back now, and I hope like I hope like I hope that you'll welcome me back.<3

You are simply the best for just reading this.  Did you know that?!

So anyway, let's move on together, yeah?

Fall is here.  Dag-gummit, FALL IS HERE.  That means:  Fall running, baking, pretty leaves...wonderful things happen when October graces us.  I ran past so many houses that were already decorated for Halloween, and it made me smiiiiiiiiile so big.

COACH TIFF IS BACK.  Volleyball season is here!  The other P.E. Teacher and I are looking forward to a great season with an exceptional group of girls.:)

I'm back on the long runs, and a 10-miler on Saturday was just what I needed to feel like a runner again.  It's strange what it takes to inspire the runner within us; it's also different for every person. Also, many people were bundled up on this particular Saturday, when it was about 50*F, wind gusts up to 30mph, and some rain.  I definitely got funny looks for wearing shorts.

#DarthSophs.  She actually said "I am your faaaaaaaaaaaatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" after putting this mask on, completely unsolicited!

Saturday afternoon was spent trying to make chocolate molds, with this contraption.  NEWSFLASH:  It didn't work very well (right around the point of 2:57 in that video).  But you know what?  Duct tape will make everything work.  EVERYTHING.

In case you were wondering Just so you know, I'm still Instagramming!

*Brain hug* for you today!

How to Pass Another Runnerr
Pro tip: Never use an air horn.
Posted by Runner's World on Day o' the Sun, Octobarrr 4, 2015

Stay Marvelous on this Monday, y'all!

Let's talk about you RIGHT NOW.  Did you RACE this weekend?

Do you have a race coming up anytime soon?

Is there a new recipe you're dying to show me?

True or false:  FALL RUNS ARE THE BEST.


  1. Running in the fall is my favorite! The crisp air feels so good! And yes, duct tape does fix everything! Happy Monday!!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  2. I know you are looooving this weather. I meant to text you this weekend and see if you were still alive, but sleep literally prevented it! Also, yes, duct tape can fix just about anything. The movie The Martian proves it :D


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