Tuesday, October 6, 2015

(Actually) Back on Track.

The weather was so weird this past weekend here in the Chi.  Exhibit A:  A la Suzlyfe.  It's been overcast, cloudy, very cool, drizzly, and kind of BLEH.  Don't get me wrong; it's the best snuggle weather of my life.  BUT, the sun needs to come out every once in a while.  It really seems to affect everyone; even my fellow Teachers were dragging a bit yesterday.

I got up extra early and hit the gym for a Monday morning spin.  Since they built an LA Fitness DIRECTLY behind the school where I teach, I have no choice but to rock out a training sesh before work.  They don't have Spin classes on Mondays, so I have to dig deep and reminisce of my Spin Instructor days.  I generally throw on Pandora (80s Pop Cardio ------> YES) and just go with whatever song plays.

Some climbs, some fast flats, some sprint intervals, and some jumps later, I was done with my first workout of the day.

I never get tired of the brilliance of my students.  I'm teaching my first graders about shapes and manipulating our bodies.  I asked them to turn themselves into a square, and this is what some of them produced.<3

LUNCH.  And um...DELISH.  This might be my new most favorite thing to nom on during my workday when it's kind of yucky out.  It hit the spot, and made me feel cozy.

No matter how yucky it was outside, I hit the gym again for some weights and stability and core work.  HIT THAT BOSU HARD.

I have NOT been regularly lifting!  We'll talk about the bennies of keeping lifting in your training soon -- like this week.  I love adding the BOSU to some lifts.  It keeps things a little more exciting, and since I used to be in love with lifting HEAVY, I gotta spice things up when it comes to lifting light.:)

I did several exercises in a couple of circuits:
A: 3X 15 x step-ups, 12 x 12 BOSU side lunges, 12 x DB Hammer front raises, 12 x DB lateral raises, 15 x toe touches with 6.6 kg ball, 15 x squats with 6.6kg ball, 15 x military press on flat part of BOSU
B: 3X "Writing" the Alphabet with the BOSU, 1-minute Stability Ball "Pass Offs", 12 x DB double rows, 12 x 12 standing lunges with 6.6kg ball overhead

Doing these ------------------------> <3 <3 <3

Stability ball pass off, A.k.a. "Crazy Abs"!

Harry has been going to Monday evening classes for a few weeks, so I've got the house to myself on these night.  I hit up the grocery store after some dinner, sat down and stalked you guys for a while, then was ready for bed.  Two workouts + the goofy weather really got to me, but it sure was a fantastic day.
*BRAIN HUG* for today!  It totes made me giggle.:)

Do you regularly lift weights?  What kind and how often?

What's one of the coolest/funnest core exercises you do?

RANDOM:  Have you carved a pumpkin yet?!  
-We're going to carve ours the next time we see Sophs!

What day is your favorite day to train?


  1. I see you wearing much of that pumpkin. Or Harry. Pumpkin war. Make it happen.

  2. I know there is spinning on Tuesday and Thursday so that is what I will be taking once I recuperate. :-)


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