Monday, May 4, 2015

HEY! (I'm not creative today.)

LAST WEEK = No running, no swimming, no Yoga, no lifting, one ride on Lola.  Other than that one ride, I took the week off.  I had decided to take a bit of time off from running, and it seems like I decided to push that a bit further and just gave myself the week off.  I slept in, I relaxed, I studied a lot (for a state Teacher's exam yesterday), and I ate (boyyyyy howdy, did I ever).  I've had my brain and body recovery, and I'm ready to get back on track.  I have a little over a month to get the training squared away and making sense for my first tri of the year.  This oughta be good.  (I just lol'd.)

BUT HERE COMES MOTIVATION in the form of MEB and the excitement of him writing my name in his new book, hooray!

Harry and I decided that Sunday was going to be a lazy day.  HOWEVER, it was absolutely gorgeous outside, and we were tempted to get out and about.

Harry mentioned heading over to the local gelato shop (Mia's) that's about a mile from the house for lunch.  We've been meaning to hit up this place for a while (since it opened last year), but haven't had just the right opportunity.  THIS WAS OUR MOMENT.  Since it was only a short distance away, we decided to jump on the bikes and ride in the sunshine.

Harry's Italian Focaccia.

My buffalo chicken salad -- and delish!

Harry got a gelato Oreo shake to accompany his 

 Do you see what I see?

Look closer...


I think you know what happened next.  One scoop pour moi.

We made a pact (well, I suggested it, and Harry slightly agreed to it) that we can only come here again if we ride or walk here -- no taking the Jeep or a bus.  There's something so romantic about riding your bike to get gelato.:)

The real use for aerobars = providing a flat surface for your leftovers. 

Have I ever mentioned how much I love our neighborhood?  The tree-lined streets, the architecture of the homes, and the fact that I can safely stroll/bike/run through the 'hood makes me feel so very much at home.


AND, AND, and for today in particular...

I'm off for a swim (50s, sprints, and 200s...OH MY), and ready to rock it out at the pool!

Tell me what are you stoked about for this week?!

Do you know when you really need a physical break?

Do you sleep in on the weekends?
-It's getting to the point where I can't any longer, seeing as how it's not 30*F all day anymore.:)

QUICK:  Star Wars fan?  If so, fave episode? 


  1. Glad you enjoyed a break! SO needed sometimes! You do have a gorgeous 'hood! I'm jonesing for Mario's Italian ice...

  2. Yay for a break! We all need them, unquestionably. When we were in Rome, I took Alex to my favorite gelato place (from when I had been there before. It was also the proclaimed best gelato place in the city by my born and raised in Rome professor) and he got strachiatella and the nutella. The Nutella flavor literally blew his mind. He actually couldn't understand it. HILARIOUS

    1. You'll have to drop the name of that place sometime. I plan on Harry and I taking a Europe trip sometime in the future.:)


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