Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

So this is what happens when you "forget" your lunch on Monday.  I just might "forget" my lunch more often.

After work, I went home, poked around for a bit, and then loaded up the bikes.  I grabbed a banana (my second one of the day -- I can't get enough yellow potassium!) and a handful of almonds before I took off to pick up Harry to go for a bike ride.  I haven't had the chance to clip in on Lola yet, but was given a perfect opportunity yesterday.  Harry even told me to go off and do my own thing.:)

My thing = smiling into the headwind.  CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!

Good Lord, is there anything better than a fantastic downhill stretch?

I started to get a little worried about the sun going down while we were out and about on the trails -- NOT SAFE.  I turned around at the 7.7 mark.  I eventually saw Harry and hollered to let him know that I had just made the turnaround.

And it was a good thing that I had turned around.  Here's where stuff gets real:  DEER.  If I had been reckless on any level, I could've run over at least five of them.  The trick is to keep your eyes peeled...and slow down.  There will be more.  In fact, Mr. Brave McTrailRunner here had three other friends with him.

I got back to the Jeep and hopped off Lola.  After mashing the pedals for a mere 16 miles, I was kind of tired.  I have so much work to do.  Very soon, I will have to dismount and run...5K, and at another race, 10K, and at a race several months down the road, 13.1.  SO MUCH work to do.  But first, I need to heal a bit.:)

Harry finishing his ride.

Then he took some shots of me.  And by "some", I mean 100.

A huge burrito for dinner?  Uh yeah, why not.  It was about 8:15pm by the time Harry and I got home, and though "pasta with sausage" was on the weekly meal board, we wanted something fast.

*BRAIN HUG*  Let's go shopping!

Cycling friends:  Fave place to ride?

Do you have trails near where you live?

What's your go-to if you forget your lunch or meal?

Runner friends:  Best song you listened to on your last run?


  1. subway is a thing of magic and beauty. I have a few killer salad bars near my office, so they are usually my go tos. I'm pretty spoiled :D

  2. Deer are my biggest fear out on the trails...and I am just running ;)

  3. We have an awesome bike trail near us, 17 miles of bliss.



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