Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Snapshots and Christmas Decorations (?!) - FIVE WORDS PER PICTURE. Also, I dare you find more pictures in one post. And a longer post title.

Let's start with Friday evening.

We welcomed Spring with this!

Harry is the best multitasker.

It's sad when this occurs.

Harry "needed long run fuel."

Seen on my long run! (???!!!)

My breaky was absolutely tasty.

Sophs has a natural swing.

Louie's second birthday party, woot!

Harry made my plate.  Perfect!

I devoured all of this.

Getting ready to square up.

Two points for Tiffany.  Boom.

There were cute babies everywhere!

And Harry schooled them all.

Louie didn't want to wait.:)

Harry vs. the guys --- 21.

Goodie bags, for the win!

Sophs was stoked about hers.

She thinks he's a puppy.

Dinner done right:  Giordano's Stuffed!

Sunday morning brought a run...

Fiance' of the year = ME.

Some yummy crepes for breaky!

Sophs enjoyed a smiley crepe...

...In bed, since she's sick.:(

There was pizza here.  Nom.

From my very own Instagram.

4 x 1 minute planks.

Who's the best?!  FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!

As always, thank you, Erin!

From Suz -- Your *BRAIN HUG*!

Have a fantastic Monday, Friends!


  1. YAY so glad that you used the brain hug! When I first shared in face book I tried to tag you with the words Brain Hug? But it wouldn't let me because it is no fun. Seriously the most magical video ever.
    Also, it is snowing again. So maybe the christmas people knew.

    1. Lincoln Square is on top of their game, I'll tell you what.


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