Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We Tried Something New!

I woke up yesterday morning to a couple of fresh inches of snow on the ground (and all over Chicago).  I'm lucky that God blessed me with such a good sense of humor.

I was already running kind of late, and with the freshly fallen snow, I got to the gym exactly fifteen minutes late for spin class.  I didn't want to insult the instructor (it used to be such a pet peeve of mine for people to waltz in all late, grrr), so I took my workout to the mat.  I'll make up the spin later.

Got to work and after a little while looked out my office window.  I was something kind of happy.  I still like snow  Love, actually.

Lunch!  Compacted, then all messed up!

 One of my fifth graders has a BOSS Chicago Marathon track jacket.  I've threatened to steal it from him for some time, and this was finally my day.  When he wasn't looking (a.k.a. following my instructions during warm-up), I jacked it and it fits me PERFECTLY.  I took a selfie for evidence.

Of course, I gave it back.

After I got home, I wanted something sweet AND salty.  Well hello, fave new afternoon snack!

I ran a couple of nearby errands, and then stalked some of you for a while.  Harry got home after a long day of work and hitting the treadmill (he doesn't like the snow as much as I do), and I had dinner done already.  You see, we plan out our meals for the week, and some are much easier than others.  Most Mondays we have pasta -- something EASY, because Mondays are tough stuff.

I had picked this up from the local grocery store.  As per the directions, I threw it in the microwave for five minutes.  DONE, and delicious. After trying one bite, I was sure that we were getting this again.

Harry and I are both looking to make some changes in our diet. Sweets on Monday is a new thing in this house, so we hit up Josi's to get our fix.:)

We weren't scared of you, snow!  You will not keep us from the froyo!

We got home and devoured our froyo, and fell into the froyo coma (happiest coma ever).

Thanks to Sara for the Tried It Tuesday link-up!

LSR - Tried it Tuesday

Your *Brain Hug* --- words from one of my most favorite people on the planet in the universe.  I could listen to him talk about anything under (and over) the blue sky all day long.

Love snow?  Like snow?  Meh snow?  Grrrrr snow?

QUICK:  Where did you grow up?
-Austin, Texas for me, y'all!

Let's see if you can answer this one:  FAVORITE FRUIT?
-MANGO!  No, BANANA!  Wait...Apples?


  1. hahaha, I love how you stole his jacket for a selfie! It really does fit perfectly (but good on you for giving it back! ;P ).

    I've actually never tried apples + popcorn as a snack, but I'm gonna have to! :O

    1. What's bad is that the kiddo wanted to give me the jacket. "I have two of them! You can have that one.:)" It'd be wrong to take it, right?!:P

  2. I don't mind snow but NOT IN SPRING DAMMIT.
    Also, you are the most hilarious person ever stealing that jacket. OUT. OF. CONTROL.
    I like the sweets on monday concept. Too bad I do that everyday. Kind of like Flats Friday. Errday round here.

  3. We only had a dusting in my suburb when I woke up Monday morning but then we got several inches when I was at work during the morning hours. Lucky for me a lot of it had melted by the time I had to leave, but I still had to brush my car off. I'm mostly worried about my sweet tulips having to endure the snow. Luckily it should warm up soon and hopefully the tulips will be okay!

  4. Thanks for linking up today - sorry I have no link-up :( I am in the process of switching my site which is causing a headache in itself. I will be back next week - fingers crossed :) Love that the snow does not stop you from froyo - I am the same way.

  5. This Chitown weather is crazy!! Bring spring back!!! Your fro yo looks amazing-- I haven't had any in MONTHS-- might need to do that soon!!


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