Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Can't Do This All On My Own

Mondays are hard.   But you know what?

It all starts with a Spin class hover.  This was after sprints, in and out of the saddle, some climbing, and some flats.

My favorite Spin instructor of all time (I LOVE YOU, PATTY!) gave me these cycling shoes years ago, circa 2009.  I have worn them in hundreds of spin classes (both teaching and as a patron), in many races, and have yet to replace the clips.

The Starbucks Snuggle.  Ya' feel me, Monday?

I'm still slightly recovering from being kinda sick, so I asked all of my classes to take it easy on me.  Most of them were happy to.:)

I did get through (what I knew was going to be) a very tough Monday at work.  I text Harry early on to thank him for every little thing that he does (because he really does a LOT -- even something as simple as taking care of the dirty dinner dishes can be a small, wonderful blessing), and that I couldn't wait to hang out with him later in the day.  A little later, he asked me something extremely imperative:

Of course, I was picky.  I was busy doing hard things!  

After the tough (though awesomely positive!) day, and a short meeting with my bosses, I head home and was seriously considering another attempt of what should've been my Friday afternoon (laying in bed, laptop open, something fun on the TV, all powered with Wi-Fi...booo), but I got busy with other things.  I will have you back, Friday afternoon...oh yes, I will.

Harry got home and we started making some dinner:  PASTA.  Something easy, thank gooses!

Pro tip:  Putting a wooden spoon over the top of a pot of boiling water WILL keep it from boiling over.  WILL WILL WILL.

And for dessert, all I had to do was give Harry "the look", and he bust out the Girl Scout Cookies  

Teeth brushed, face washed, glasses on, and laptop in hand, Harry and I hung out in the bedroom, halfway watching "Scrubs", halfway blogging/reading.  I can never decide what my favorite season of this show is, but I've been a die-hard fan since it first aired. <3

From the *Train Better* Department -- THIS article describes how to effectively drop it like it's hawt.

And from the *Brain Hug* Division --

Anyone have any races coming up?  Which ones?

NOMS Question:  Soup and sammich, or soup and salad?

TELL ME:  How was YOUR Monday?  Was it hard?  Did you rock it out?  Why and how?


  1. My Monday this week was infinitely better than it has been for the past couple weeks (guess who got a new preceptorrrr--just for the week, but I won't be greedy! I'll take it!). I love the "brain hug!" <3 ...and I always forget about the wooden-spoon-over-pot thing, sigh!

    Hope you get to feeling completely better soon! :D

  2. I totally forgot about the wooden spoon trick. Thank you!!!
    Any and all seasons of Scrubs. I don't discriminate.

    1. Maybe you'll think of me when you remember the wooden spoon trick.

      Or vice versa. Either way, I <3 you, friend!

  3. Great recap because it's a good reminder to all of us that we have our off, tired, sick days! It's just part of being human. Hopefully, it will pave the way to some better feeling days!


  4. I love spinning and I love Starbucks! Looks like you make the best out of Monday :)

    1. Something tells me that our only purpose on this planet is to learn how to deal with life things. Might as well smile with everyone, right?!

  5. I'd say you had a pretty good Monday. Any day that ends with cookies is a win!

  6. I think today was harder than Monday due to horrendous weather. SO many cars in ditches OMG! I too went for a ginormous Starbucks (cinnamon dolce latte oh my goodness). I'm sure it had 8 billion calories and 2000 carbs but wow my run after half of it rocked. I'll take soup and all of the above for the win please!


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