Friday, December 5, 2014

I Need to Keep Track of Moon Cycles

I swam for the first time in forever yesterday morning.  And apparently, no one uses the pool at the gym nearest to my school.  I mean, good news and all that I have a lane to myself, but I got kinda lonely.

That didn't stop me from being stoked about my new goggles.  I lost my AquaSphere goggles when I was going through my Lifeguard certification classes, so I had to go back to my (very) old goggles.  These just came in the mail last week, and it was like going from tube television to HD!  Also, they fit my face SO random leaks, ever.

2000 yards done, with a 500 yard warm-up, and the 1500 breakdown (1 X 500, 400, 300, 200, 100) workout.  I love this workout, since it's just my go-to for endurance, then gradually transitioning into a speed workout.  Alas, since it's been so long, I'm working on my base again, so 99% of this workout was slow.

My second grade and Kinder students are my classes that I ALWAYS have in-check; strict, yet funsies, since my expectations for them are pretty high.  That being said, yesterday they were N-U-T-S.  My fifth, sixth, and eighth graders were actually great, which is even weirder.

During my student teaching, I learned that there were days where I seemed to have absolutely NO control over the kiddos.  I had no idea how or why, until my mentor teacher said "It was a full moon last night".  Sounds ridiculous, right?  That something so obscure as the position of the moon in relation to the earth and sun would cause a frenzy of behaviors?  There's no solid proof or anything, but it shouldn't be any surprise that a lunar effect does exist on human behavior.

Nonetheless, we got through our lessons, no matter how many times I had to reset the students and redirect them.  I blew my whistle...a lot.

Also, the Kinders LOVED this song.

I wasted no time getting in the car to go home.  I was EXHAUSTED.

When this song comes on the radio while I'm driving...


Harry was working from home, so it was awesome to get a hug right when I got home! <3 My afternoon snack was gosh-darn delicious.  Side note:  I'm shocked that this jar of Nutella isn't gone already.  We've had it for almost a month.  MIRACLE.

As for the rest of the evening, I fell fast asleep around 9:00pm, and that was after mini-naps while watching "It's Always Sunny...".  Yeah, I'm such a party animal these days.

Some words of encouragement on this Friday!

PLANS for the weekend?

Anyone running any holiday races this month?
-Harry and I have an 8K on the calendar!

Have you ever noticed how a full moon makes people kinda different/crazy/weird?


  1. WHen there is a full moon out, the ER automatically buckles down for a long one, so to speak, no joke. Those goggles are super badass, btw. Are they comfortable? They look way more comfy than the standard ones, that legit hurt after a few laps. Speaking of badass, holy nutella Batman!

  2. Sorry I am catching up on blogs and I am bombarding you with comments! I know this might come as a surprise but for some reason I am not that big a fan of Nutella. This is probably a good thing for me because nut butter does not stand a chance in my apartment :)


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