Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Never Too Early

Accompanying me for my run yesterday morning:  Snow.:)  I smiled for 99% of the run.  The non-smiling 1% was when I tripped and thought I was going to fall.  Granted, the run was only a few miles, but oh I was so happy!

P.S.  I didn't fall down.

Yeah, I tried to take pictures of the the dark. I wanted to send a picture to my Momma and Aunt Jeannie Weenie (whom LOVES snow!).  Texans...we're weird and get stoked about cold things.

Sooooo many bloggers are talking about setting goals early, rather than waiting for the New Year.  I totes love this idea, and think that it just shows that anyone can make a goal, big or small, at any time.  I will blog on this in a couple of days.  For now, I wanted to post that I'm all in for this.

My new goal is to incorporate more fresh veggies into my meals.  I used to be so good about getting in my greens and veggies, but I have been a total failure in that department for the past year or so.  I'm starting off simple...a couple of handfuls of greens with my sweet potato, brown rice, and guacamole for lunch.


Clearly, the temperature hadn't changed all that much over a period of about an hour.

And my wondrous, green lunch.  I eat sweet potatoes on the regular, but was pumped about having one today for some reason.  Perhaps because it was so cold; I remember feeling so cozy after eating it.  Mmmmmmm...

After teaching children how to stay on their dot and do exercises and a variety of locomotor skills (YAY, P.E!), I head straight home for a snack.  I tried Stonyfield yogurt for the first time.  I'm coming from Oikos Greek yogurt, so it was a bit of a change in consistency and taste, but still yummy with my apple.

I am going to have to get back into daily doubles soon enough, and the pondering of lifting has been a thing for a long time.  I need to keep it simple; that's a topic we'll explore in another post, as well.  In lieu of knowing that it will probably cause sorness, I tried out a BodyWorks class at my gym.  It was pretty awesome!

Good advice, Chipotle bag.

And yeah.  I mean...yeah.

Have a delightful weekend, y'all!
Fill in the blank!

I am excited for this weekend because I get to __________________________, and see _________________________.


  1. I agree, goals are for any day of the weekend, like chocolate and flowers (not just Valentines day). This weekend I am excited because I get to try a long run for the first time since my marathon and Alex and has the whole weekend off! Have a great one!

  2. Since we hardly ever get snow here in SE TX, yes, it's exciting to run in it! I'm excited about being in taper mode for my 50K trail race next weekend. Have fun in the snow!


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