Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Don't Know How I Have So Much Free Time

Oh, hello, Friday eve.

(Thanks, Amanda!)

1.  I LOVE coffee.  There is something so romantic about sipping on a cup of coffee early in the dark, cold morning.  I snuggled up with my cup of hot coffee yesterday morning, and blogged a bit.  It's just the most wondrous thing.

2.  Pastries.  Good Lord...I can never get enough of sweet pastries.  Harry treated me to an apple turnover and coffee Tuesday, since he was working from home and I had the day off.  Coffee date!  <3

Additionally, I had made a blueberry bread pastry.  It was gone after one day.

3.  And after introducing those two tooth-decaying culprits, I give x-rays at the dentist.  But don't worry -- I got an A++++ on my teeth and gums.:)

4.  My dark apartment.  It's so cozy, but this picture is slightly depressing.

And slightly crooked.  Is that going to mess with you OR WHAT?

5.  Is there anything better than shopping for winter clothes?  And I am slightly obsessed with Kohl's.  I just downloaded their app, so ummmmyeahhhhh I'm in trouble now.

6.  Harry has been on the hunt for these Oreos since the beginning of October.

And he totes found them while at the store after a run.  Yes...he's eating one.

7.  Fall is quickly going bye-bye!  I got to treat myself to a (very rare) mid-morning run yesterday, so at least I got to run in the sun in sub-freezing temps.

FYI:  This was the only time during the day that the sun was out.  So happy I got to enjoy it!

8.  I must do these.   And so many other exercises.  I'm considering a slow transition back into weight training.  I need to do some research before going into it, and form a plan of action.  Mobility and core drills are going to be on the regular, for sure.

9.  A perk of being the P.E. teacher:  You get to work BOOK FAIR instead of handing out report cards and having to explain to parents why their child got a certain grade.  

I may have found some goods, mostly for Sophia.

Anyone remember these at Book Fairs?

We didn't have any.:(  Made my child-heart frown a bit.

10.  Never, ever forget this.

Have a rockin', badass Thursday, y'all!


  1. I can't imagine being on report card duty. That would be so awkward. I may or may not have to run away. Like, hand it out and dash. I'm trying to convince myself to go out and run in the cold. It isn't working well so far. I think I've lost my AM workout mojo...

  2. I looovvee drinking coffee! Sometimes I wake up early and get excited just because its coffee time! I can't believe how quickly fall is going by! I'm not ready for winter:(

    1. Right? It has to be my favorite time of the time. :)

  3. I loved book fairs when I was in elementary school!

    And ohhh crud, Kohl's. They actually just opened up in my area and I'm trying soso hard to refrain from going there right now. :'(!

    1. I have to shut this down. I'm afraid I'm going to have to go back this weekend. *le sigh*

  4. You're lucky to still have fall! Our leaves have been gone for weeks and we have a nice blanket of snow covering the ground. Pft. But there is actually something super cozy about it... especially if you're inside, buried under a blanket, with a hot cup of coffee within arm's reach. Mmm hmm. It's time to go make a cup :D

  5. I love drining my coffee in the mornings. It definitely gets me up and moving. Something I look forward to everday. I'd rather be shopping for summer than winter clothes. So not lookinng towards the cold. I hate tht it has been getting dark so darn early! -L

  6. How were the oreos? I've seen them around, but I've been burned by seasonal oreo flavors before.

    1. I'm not going to lie: I'm not the biggest fan of Oreos anymore. But these have the subtle pumpkin spice to them, and are pretty tasty!

  7. I love that last quote!

    Oh and the pumpkin spice oreos I actually liked. I FedEx them to my parents right away because I didn't want to be tempted by them.

    1. I have GOT to shut Harry down in purchasing them! Pre-holiday fat-fat is real!


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