Sunday, August 24, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 11

So I have been completely slacking in the blogging department!  I'm so sorry, blog friends!  This week has contained a whirlwind of events, and a roller coaster of emotions.  I'll get to those tomorrow, since today's post is all about the marathon training.

Overtraining has hit me hard in the past.  Twice previously, I have gotten to this point in training and started dreading the next run.

I'm happy to say that keeping things light and diverse in my training has really helped keeping me from suffering from the dreaded effects of overtraining.  While this week has been lackluster in the cross-training department due to several occurrences, I've still been able to not take training so seriously.  It's not that it isn't serious; it's that I can take it too seriously to where it mentally messes with me.  I've somehow learned how to mentally and emotionally prioritize my thoughts and feelings in training.  I'm telling you:  That's straight-up luck.

So onto this week:

Tuesday's thunderstorms called for treadmill work...with some speedwork involved!

Weekday long run done Wednesday morning.  It was gorgeous out!

Thursday was a rest day, which meant I WAS STARVING.  Does this happen to anyone else?!

Some downtown time with two of my favorite people, Harry's Auntie and my girl, Terri.  Kim started obsessing over talking about Garret's popcorn (which is a Chicago staple), and I realized that I hadn't had it yet!  Terri was happy to take me there for my first experience.  DEE-LISH-USSSS.

Friday morning = my last run out in the 'burbs.  This was my last day at this job, so I embrace a muggy run.

Yesterday's long run was a scorcher.  I was reminded of my long runs in San Antonio; warm, humid, uncomfy.  I was smart to apply Body Glide EVER-YYYYY-WHERE.

And what I give myself after a hard run like that.  Seriously.  I'll eat anything that crosses my path, but I've been very selective lately.

Week Eleven Wrap-Up:

Monday - REST
Tuesday - 6.3 speedwork miles
Wednesday - 9.38 miles @ GMP
Thursday - REST
Friday - 6.05 easy miles
Saturday - 14.01 long run miles
Sunday - 5 recovery miles on the treadmill.  MY FAVORITE brand of treadmill:  The Woodway!  I even had my own TV...that never happens.  :)  This was the first time that Harry and I have visited this LA Fitness, and we LOVED it.  It's right next to where we pick up and drop off Sophs, so it'll do nicely for last minute workouts.

40.74 miles for the stepback week.

Just seven weeks to go.  Next week's mileage should be going up-up-up.  I gotta stay on top of my cross-training to combat some overtraining foes, for sure!  <3


  1. Congratulations on completing week 11! I just finished week 7 of marathon training and definitely agree that I am starving on rest days. Good luck next week with the increased mileage!

  2. omg! yes I am always starving on rest days!! marathon training is killing my waistline :)


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