Monday, July 28, 2014

Sweater Weather Makes Me Hyper

It was 59*F when I left this house early this morning at 5:15am.  It was also much darker than I'm used to it being.  Fall, you're not too terribly far away.  <3

Have you ever felt like your home, your life, and your heart and mind were organized enough to push on to do the things you know you should be doing?  That's me, as of last night.  My house was clean, the laundry was done, Harry and I got groceries for the week, and I hit the sack super early.  POOF.

I have finally fulfilled the Monday morning spin!  45 minutes of Spinning or Cycling has been on my training schedule this whole time, and I've only made it once.  Something finally "clicked"; this usually happens when I feel completely organized.  It's a shame, going into my eighth week of marathon training, that it kicks in, but better late than never.

Yes, it was dark -- I didn't know how to turn on the lights.  And in all honesty, I like spinning in a dark, empty exercise room.  There's something oddly romantic about it.

I miss spinning.  I miss teaching spin.  I'm lucky that I'm not completely clueless when I hop on and clip into the spin bike all on my lonesome.  Here's how my workout went:

15 minutes warm-up/flats
15 minutes of alternating:  two minutes out of the saddle (RPM range 75-85), one minute back in the saddle (RPM range 90-100)
10 minutes of alternating:  one minute fast flat (RPM range 100-110), one minute flat (RPM range 90-100)
5 minutes cooldown

I showered up and took off to work.  The lady at the DDs gave me an extra-large instead of my normal large, but only charged me for a large.  D'aww!

This weather, though it is more than likely very temporary, makes me so darn giddy.  I'm just a happier soul when there's that little nip in the air.  Every breath feels so refreshing.  I can close my eyes, long for the probable breeze, and smell what I can only describe as "coooooooooooool".  I get...STUPID HAPPY...excited,'s something ridiculous...I feel pretty.

Lately, I've been coming straight home from work, taking out my contacts, and enjoying my book.  I don't turn on the TV and become a plopping couch-monster.  I feel much more productive this way!  I'm even putting chores ahead of reading, but always going back to it.  I knew I would have the evening to myself, since Harry was running from work to a train, then coming home much later than normal.  This also meant that I would be having dinner solo (it's been a solo kind of day!).  With a seven-miler on the agenda for tomorrow morning, I decided to cook the biggest pot of pasta of my life, and carb the hell up.

And one last random thing before I go back to my reading:  From Rev Run (you know!), some words of wisdom today:

Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share?

What color is your shirt today?!

Summer plans this week/end?  FILL ME IN!


  1. Maybe you felt hyper because of the EXTRA LARGE COFFEE.

  2. I'm loving this weather, too! My run this morning was so wonderful and I actually wore capris instead of shorts. Woo! I'm glad that your spin session went well! This weekend I'll be working--not really exciting, but oh well. :)

    1. I had a stellar run this morning, as well! I was cold in shorts and a wick'ing tee! <3

      Boo on working this weekend!

  3. This weather has been great for early morning runs. For the pool, not so much. I love fall, I really do, but the premature nip and fading light make me sad. Waaah!


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