Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marathon Training: Week SeVeN

I head out really late this morning.  At least, really late for me.  9:00am, and the temps were a bit higher than what I've been used to.  It was about 82*F when I stepped out, so not too terrible.  In fact, that is probably the highest temperature in which I can tolerate running.  Anything past that makes me feel worthless.  :P

Just a minute into my run, I was going past Six Corners and saw this poor soul walking through the middle of SIX INTERSECTIONS.  Honking and gawking, that's all that was happening.  I was actually scared for this person on so many levels.

Don't worry:  They made it across safely.  But holy guacamole.

Back to my run.  Mission:  FIND SHADE!  I hit up the park, which is about a mile of no or very little shade.  No worries on that front, though, because once you get there, you get ample amounts of shade.

Though there are about five or six working water fountains scattered throughout the park, I promised myself I wouldn't stop until I had reached three miles.  Which I did.  WATER BREAK!

Allow me to translate:
First picture:  "It's HOT."
Left bottom picture:  "But it's all good!"
Right bottom picture:  "Sorta..."

Heading back was at least a few degrees warmer than when I had first started running.  I made it home and chugged 20+ ounces of water within a minute.

Week Seven Wrap-Up:
Monday - REST
Tuesday - 4.02 easy miles
Wednesday - 5.77 Speedwork miles, where this kid kept owning Steph and I at the 100m (we have no clue if we was racing us, or just going HAM out there next to us).

After our workout, we retreated to this bar for noms and a brew.  Steph was nice enough to remove my one stitch from my solo knife fight.  

And our view for the evening.  Hello, pretty city sky colors!

Thursday - REST
Friday - 5.31 easy miles
Saturday - 16.05 long run miles
Sunday - 5.05 pace miles @ GMP

36.2 miles for the week.
Now it really feels like I'm training for a marathon.:)


  1. 82 in Chicago degrees is HOT. We had some humidity here this weekend -- it killed me and reminded me of home. :) Nice week of training!

    1. Yes, much like a Chicago mile is different than a Texas mile! <3

  2. It was hot here early in the week too! (we are about 2 hrs. west of Chicago). Glad you got through your runs!

  3. NICE mileage. I got up on Friday to do my long run before we were gone for the weekend, but when we came back yesterday it was pretty damn warm, so I applaud you for it.

  4. I had stomach issues that forced me to postpone my long run to today, when it was gorgeous outside. I should have planned on that in the first place!

    Nice mileage for the week!


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