Saturday, July 12, 2014

Soggy, Rainy, Frizzy Run

This morning, I joined a small group of ZOOMA ambassadors for a 10-mile training run.  We were slightly worried about the weather, as there was some pretty yucky stuff heading our way.  It turns out that all it did was rain.  But it rained A LOT.  As in BUCKETS.

Universal Sole was happy to have us meet up at their downtown location once again.  There was another (marathon) running group that had taken off about thirty minutes before us that had met up there; there were about 30 backpacks and fitness bags inside the store full of their gear.  This store is very close to an easy access point to the Lakefront Trail, so it's the perfect spot for a meetup, not to mention they're very supportive, leaving Gatorade and water out for everyone.

We head out to the Lakefront Trail (after getting slightly lost), and decided a simple out-and-back would be the best for us.

We really are a wonderful mix of ladies.  All of us at different levels of fitness and life paths.  We found a good pace that fit everyone's needs, especially when it came to running in a monsoon.

Lucky for us, Fleet Feet had set out some aid stations along the lakefront.  Spoiled, again!  We stopped for a refreshment, then head back out.

I sort of felt like doing this at some point...

We turned around well before I took this picture, but I feel bad that I didn't snap a photo of the waves coming from Lake Shore Drive, from people driving through enormous puddles.  Tidal waves would fly up over the barriers between the trail and the road!  I saw only one runner get soaked, but it was entertaining.

Almost there!  The rain was letting up a bit, and there was little wind when that happened.  This made things slightly uncomfortable.  Mmmm...maybe a lot uncomfy.  It felt like I was running in soup.  Then it would start raining again, and it was refreshing as all getout.

We got back to the store and I realized the intensity of my hair.  Was my hair smooth and wet like most of the ladies?  No.  It was frizzed the frick out.  It looked like a bird nest!

And it was not fun to brush out, let me tell you.

I took off shortly after a good stretch.  Turns out, a couple of the girls went out for mimosas.  D'OH!  Perhaps that's something we should do after the ZOOMA Women's race next month.  :)

I saw Harry running around our 'hood as I got close to our house. I waved frantically like an idiot and hollered "HI, HONEY!", as if he could hear me.  Do you ever do this?  o.O  Once Harry got back home and showered up, we had some lunch.  I haven't eaten at Subway in forever.

Then we set off to pick up the Sophs.  We use a sticker (points, if you will) system here at the casa, so she can earn things she wants with good behavior (she can thank my experience in special education for this).  She desperately wanted a Stretchkins, so we had to make that happen.  I'm pretty sure she fell asleep with it.

Do you like training in the rain?

How is your training going?  Whether it's running, Yoga, hiking, or rollerblading!  Details!

Parents/Friends-who-hang-out-with-kids:  Do you use any kind of reward/reinforcement system?-I learned over the years to keep things as positive as can be, never taking away, and not phrasing goals as "If you don't do this, then...".


  1. I don't like running in the rain. AT ALL. Thus why I flip flopped my running days this weekend. But good for you for making it out!

    1. I heard thunder at some point (maybe around the third mile), and went "Ut oh...was that thunder?". Ironman Lauren says "We'll be fine", and no reason at all, I believed her. Lol

  2. I love running in the rain! It's my favorite. But I totally understand your hair problem. I don't even bother trying to comb it out, I just get in the shower and load up with conditioner. Does the trick.


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