Thursday, June 12, 2014

Running With the Boys

My day started yesterday with something new for breaky!  I've never ever tried egg whites in my oatmeal, even when I was training for bodybuilding.  I'm not sure why; I ate way blander and less appetizing things during that period of my life.

I made it with:
1/2 cup oatmeal (I use old-fashioned)
1 cup water
1/4 cup egg whites
1 tsp natty peanut butter
1 medium banana

I mixed the oats and water in a bowl, and microwaved it for 90 seconds.  I added the egg whites to the oats and microwaved it again for another 60 seconds, then fluffed it with a fork.  I threw in the PB while the oats were still steaming so it would melt...mmmmm, melted PB...then sliced up and threw in the banana.

It wasn't bad at all!  I haven't eaten oatmeal in a pretty long time, but I used to eat it every single stinkin' day.  With PB, with honey, with steamed apples, with name it, I topped oatmeal with it!

I'm off from work this week; it's our "summer break" from the year-round school where I teach.  So yeah, after blogging and relaxing all day, I FINALLY took a shower. :D  Have you ever noticed just how lazy you get when you don't have much to do?  Haha!  Harry got home from work and we got ready to go to the track!  Hooray, something to do...RUN!

Fearless Leader Greg and Stephanie are away on vacation this week, so they weren't present last night for the Wednesday night /R/iver /R/unners speedwork session.  I knew that I was going to run sans my Sole Mate, which made me a little anxious.  Would I be running by myself?  The boys are faster than me!  We started with a five minute warm-up, which was actually kinda speedy for me (~8:30 pace) for a warm-up!  We chatted a bit about some upcoming races and whatnot (I'm used to chatting!), then moved into our first five minute interval.  It was tough, and the conversation STOPPED.  Stephanie and I can usually carry on our conversation, unless we're going extra speedy and are getting extra tired.  I just focused on running in a circle on the track..."Just one more time around should do it...".  We then slowed down for a five minute recovery.  We did three more sets like this, increasing in speed on the harder paced intervals.

How I felt at some points, especially at a ~7:00-minute pace...

Those five minute recoveries felt sooooooooooooo goooooood!

I got ahead during one of the recovery intervals...

The last hard interval was like "Ohhhhmmmmyyyygoshhhhh my legs are gonna fall off!".  But I knew better and just kept pushing.

James and Harry were great sources of encouragement in the last minute of the interval, when I was cussing between labored breaths.  Harry indicated that there were ten seconds left (!!!!!!!!), and James and I hit the gas to sprint out the last of it.  We slowed wayyyyy down for a two-minute warmdown; I didn't try talking for a while, just trying to catch my breath.  After the warmdown and a stretch, we went out to Bad Dog Tavern for gourmet burgers and a know, the usual!  :)

5 miles at ~8:20 pace, and that beer tasted wonderful!

In other news, I have some reading to do.  Here's HRG's list; she has a marathon this weekend, for which she's been injured and pool running for the last few weeks of her training!  It'll be amazing to see how she rocks it out!  I'm always so encouraged and motivated by people gearing up and so close to their races, so I'll take anything she suggests reading as aces.

But really, I'll read anything she suggests at any 'ole time.

Also, today is the first day of FIFA World Cup!  Woot woot!  Who are you rootin' for?
I'm pretty sure that Harry has cleared out the DVR and has set recording times.

Here's Sophs playing my vuvuzela that my friend, Sonia, brought back for me from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  Apparently, they've been banned in the tournament venues in Brasil, hehe!

I'm off to get some errands done, and hopefully jumping on the bike for a bit!

Peace out, y'all!


  1. Nice job at the track!

    I'd have cheered you on with a vuvuzela.

  2. Go you! I really hate speedwork. And I know I should really incorporate it into my routine more often. I always hate that feeling like my legs are spinning wildly out of control and I could very well trip and fall!

  3. I love World Cup! I'm rooting for England!

  4. How was the texture of the oatmeal? I've always wanted to try that!

    1. It was kind of gooey (which I'm not crazy about) but it was light, so the type that will stick to your spoon. Give it a go!


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