Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Energizer Night Race 5K [Race Recap]

I ran my first night race this past Saturday at the Energizer Night Race, and it was SUCH a great time!  Harry and I packed up and head toward Universal Sole near downtown to pick up our packets.  We got there right around 6:00pm, when packet pick-up began, and boy howdy am I glad we got there early!

After waiting a few minutes to get our packets, looking around the store (we wanted EVERYTHING, and there was a ton of winter stuff on sale!), and walking outside, we saw the line had grown from a few people to THIS.

This was a VERY organized race!  The event site was clearly marked, especially coming from packet pick-up/registration.

And this helped *light* the way toward the event.  There were several ENORMOUS Energizer Bunnies reassuring participants that they were on the right track to getting to the race.

At some point, I wanted to get my gear out and play with it get it ready to go.  I loved the Nike Dri-FIT race shirt!

I had a sensory overload once we got to the race site!  Lights, music, Deejays, and the Energizer Bunny were all set up and ready to entertain the crowd.  There was a V.I.P. tent, several refreshment tents, bag check/parking validation, and a stage in the race area.  There was also a soccer goal game, in which Harry dominated!  (see his prize below!)

Harry and I checked our bags, and with it went my phone.  No more pictures up until after the race.  Sorry!  The DeeJays led the crowd in a dance party and a quick warm-up before the race; we also learned some of the key points and goals of the Energizer Night Race, including the purpose being that of donating 14 million hours of lights to rural communities around the World!

The route itself was actually pretty fantastic; an out and back along the Lakefront Trail.  I started off pretty fast; I wasn't necessarily looking for a PR, but just a speedy 5k.  I started off SO fast that I completely forgot mine and Harry's tradition of rasos (race besos)!  I only remembered once Harry ran past me and blew me a kiss, haha.

As quick as it was, the out felt pretty easy, and I realized why when I turned around...hellooooooooooo, headwind!  I couldn't complain (I did grumble a bit), since I was staring at the most gorgeous skyline of Chicago!  I think I literally said "wow...!" out loud.  I finally caught up to the girl I had been trailing since the beginning of the race near mile 2.5, and it was around this time that we ran through what had to be a swarm/cloud of tiny bugs.  I inhaled probably 20 of them.  I hacked and coughed for a little while, which slowed me down in pace.  I cleared my lungs of the buggies (hopefully, right?), looked forward, and saw the finish line.  Yaaaaay, big smiiiiiiiiiiiile!

Harry and I usually have a "meet-up" spot, since he is much faster than I am, and though we had one all planned out, we found each other fairly quickly just past the finish line.

Now that the race was out of the way, the after party could begin!

Harry and I fell in love...with our grilled-cheese sammiches from this food truck.  Oh...My...Gah.

There were like five different types of cheese, with bacon, and BBQ sauce on this sammich!  OH...MY...GAH!

We had some live entertainment while devouring eating our sammiches.  The party was really getting started at this point, since more people were finishing the race.

Once we got home, Harry found the results from the race online. Turns out I got second (2nd!) in my age group, and Harry got third (3rd!) in his!  WOOT WOOT!

Not only was this race very well organized, efficient, and ON TIME, but we got some really amazing SWAG!  Included in our swag bags:

Was Harry excited about 3rd placement in his age group?  No.  He was still stoked about winning his bag from hitting the goal in the soccer game at the race.

(He's still stoked.)


We had a really wonderful time doing this race.  It was so well run and everyone was so encouraging!  The DeeJays were the bomb and really got the crowd going, everyone was way-into the Bunny Ears and headlamps, and together we all got to Light Up the Night in the Chi!


  1. Congrats. Sounds like a fun race!

  2. What a fun race. Big congrats on your 2nd place finish. So cool! That bacon & bbq grilled cheese sammie looks insanely good. I'm thinking I need to recreate my own for dinner one night. You agree? Haha!

    1. I'm on it -- http://veronicascornucopia.com/2010/04/20/barbecue-bacon-grilled-cheese-sandwich/ !!!!!!

  3. This race sounds like so much fun! Great job at being #2 in your age group too!

  4. I WANT A BLOW UP BUNNY AND THE BUNNY EARS. And Holla for 2nd place!

    1. I got an extra set of the bunny ears for you!

      (Forreal, I grabbed an extra pair, hehe.)

  5. Congrats on placing! I ran a night time race once- on trail. Now THAT was interesting and fun!

  6. Those grilled cheese sandwiches look amazing! I love speciality grilled cheese. Nice job on the race! I always appreciate a good race shirt. Usually they're so hit or miss.

  7. The race was a blast! Thank you for the entry raffle, and CONGRATS on second place! Any idea when/where they might post any photos/videos taken? I saw that aerial GoPro a few times, it'd be really cool to see those shots!

  8. This is awesome, Tiffers! Congrats! Nice way to kick off marathon training.

    I really miss being close enough to Chicago to run the evening races by the lake.

  9. Cool race! I love when races give you goodie bags with actual goodies in them. That's the best. And congrats on your AG prize!


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