Monday, March 31, 2014

The Prettiest Picture I've Ever Taken [And Challenge Reflections]

Happy Monday!

First off:  Y'all don't forget about my GIVEAWAY for an Apera Sprint Pack + 25% off any Apera Bag!  There's a little over one day left, so get on it!  :)

It's absolutely fantastic to run without so much ice and snow in the way.  I feel like I can actually get out and get real speedwork and distance done again.  In fact, I have reason to believe that I might be trying to make up for lost times (mileage) during this harsh winter.

Regardless of the ice and snow, cold temps and my eye surgery, I've completed the FitFluential 100 Miles in March Challenge!  This morning I hammered out three miles to finish ~102 miles for the month.  A couple of shots of the scenery this morning...the sun is coming up sooner!  Woot woot!

I was looking at my DailyMile training, and I haven't run anywhere near 100 miles in a month since last year.  Geez.  Coming out of this challenge, I believe that I really needed it.  REALLY needed it.  I got an extra boost of *challenge* the week of my eye surgery when I could only knock out a little over 10 miles.

Regarding the 3030 Joyce Meyer Challenge, I did get most of my readings and quiet time done each day.  I believe that I've established a wonderful base of this time!  My next step is to find a church that I'm comfortable with in the area for service, and most likely, Bible study.  I started doing research for churches in my neighborhood before I moved up from Texas, so I should probably look into those churches that I narrowed it down to.  This weekend would actually be the most fantastic start to it.

The #ZoomaPhotoADay Challenge has ended well, too!  Either taking pictures that day, or finding oldies to dress up and reminisce, it was a good time!  I loved getting some Twitter love from Altra Running most days; they made my heart smile.

I took this picture last Wednesday.  It's probably the prettiest, most serene picture I've ever taken.  I often wonder while running if I should bother taking a picture, or if I should keep the mental image all to myself.  As you can tell just by browsing through my bloggie here, I don't mind running and snapping photos then posting them here, no matter how blurry they turn out.  This day was a particularly cold yet gorgeous one, and I took nearly a million...okay like ten  I looked through them later and saw this one.  Oh gosh.  Doesn't that just make your heart melt?


It's the last day of March!  Do you have any big plans, races, or events planned for April?

Did you race this past weekend?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Mention on your blog about the prettiest picture you've ever taken and comment the link here, will ya'?  Please?  :)


  1. I don't bring my phone when running because I don't want to bother with it. I've always enjoyed running scenery pics from others though, and I love the last picture!

    1. I totally get not wanting to mess with it. There are days when I don't take it with me...when I just need time to myself and not share that with anyone else.

  2. Wow! Pretty pics! I too am loving the increasing intensity of the sun. Looks like you rocked all those challenges!


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