Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One Random, Several Photos, and One Scary Video

Seriously.  Is it bad that I'm even too lazy for these LAZY hairstyles?

Anyyyyyyway, I realized that, with jumping right back to work on Monday, that I didn't post any pictures from my trip to Dallas.  So here ya' go.


True story:  I got this mug for my Mom when I went to Puerto Rico in 2007.  This was the first time I have seen it since.  :\

I was trying to get a picture of the four family members (Mom, Dad, Abby the Yorkie, and my dog, Kayla...of course she yawns...).

We got lost while trying to find the Convention Center to pick up Harry's race day packet, so I started snapping pictures.

And we finally found it.

And then found this as we were leaving!  I immediately sent the picture to Sophia.

BBQ and Blue Bell.  That's Texas, y'all.

Two days later, I think I can take off the hospital bracelet.  People might mistake me as an escaped mental patient.  We head off to downtown McKinney.

Harry REALLY likes candles.

I thought these were some interesting reads.

And I was obsessed with the floors and carpets in one shop.


Sunday morning.  We dropped Harry off for his race, then went to eat pancakes.  We didn't feel bad about that at all, other than the fact that the pancakes weren't that awesome.  We drove around my Mom's old 'hood where she grew up, then stopped at a local donut shop to pick up some post-race noms for Harry.  It included a BLUEBERRY FRITTER!

Harry LOVES blueberry, so I was super stoked that they had this!

Heading home.  I asked Momma if I could borrow a book to read on the plane.  Of course, I found this in the front section of the book.

Airport noms.  Not half-bad.

And finally, the Blue Line scare of a lifetime!  Harry and I had been there several hours before this happened, which isn't to say "OMG THAT THING COULD HAVE HIT US!", but more of a "*le gasp*...dang...that was close?  But not really...?".


Do you have any "close call" stories?

What do you do with all of your photos from trips that you don't post?  
I had to delete many.  Several.  Tons.

It's WEDNESDAY!  Do you have any plans for the weekend yet?  Races?  Tell me!


  1. Pictures were worth the wait. The blueberry fritter made me laugh out loud because my husband is a FREAK for those things. He's never had blueberry but he LOVES anything fritter.

    Now that you know everything you need to know about my hubby's snack habits, I'll just sign off now.

  2. A blueberry fritter....dear god that looks delicious! Your trip looks so fun....and all of the food looks great! I'm hungry just looking at it. That's really sweet of your mom to leave you that note in the book :)

    1. It was a great trip. I got to run in shorts and everything!

      My Mom is absolutely notorious for hiding notes in items.

  3. great pics!! I'm loving the Spongebob mailbox :)


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