Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just What I Need! [And a Peek Into My A.P.E. Class]

*I know that you're patiently waiting for my race report from the Austin [half] marathon.  I'll have it up very soon, promise!*

On Mondays at school, I teach Yoga in Adaptive P.E.  Since I work with kiddos with developmental disabilities (about 95% of them are diagnosed with Autism, varying on the spectrum), I use a lot of visual aids, even along with demonstration.  I started a new lesson series this week for Yoga, called "Poses of the Week".  I will use these poses randomly in other lessons throughout the week; integrated lessons, anyone?  

Here's a sample of the poses I'm using this week:

I had already laminated the sheets, so I Had to hold it funny to make sure there wasn't a glare from lights.  Hah.
Very basic.  After warm-ups and saying the "secret code word" ("Namaste"), we can begin our lesson, holding poses from 15-30 seconds, depending on the pose, and also depending on the kiddo.  On an individual basis, I could get some of the students to hold it for "breaths".  Each student was given a chance to "mark off" each pose as we completed it.  We had breaks between each set, and depending on the class, we could repeat sets or use a more difficult or easier variation of each pose.  To end, I had a series of poses that we considered our "cooldown", including their favorite, Corpse Pose.  :)

As I was creating these visual aids yesterday morning, I got to thinking about how lackluster my Yoga practice has been lately.  When I lived in San Antonio, I had my most favorite Yoga instructor, Janis, one whose classes I had been attending for almost six years!  She was actually my very first Yoga instructor.  *le sigh*  I have modeled my own instruction to that of hers, using calming voice and music techniques, sound and flowing direction, and a lot of visualization.  Of course, I have held every Yoga instructor up to this standard.  You know what I'm talking about...when you find the perfect group exercise instructor or teacher, one that motivates you with every word, the one that you are just in awe of, the one you want desperately to be your BFF, or even just your instructor for life!

*leeeeeeeee sigh* I need to up my practice, and I need to move on from my favorite instructor.  I need something to get me back in the mood!  And lucky for me, there just-so-happens to be a Yoga (pose) Challenge coming up in March!  JUST WHAT I NEED!  Paige from Fit Not Fad, Kim from BusyBod, and Erin from The Almond Eater have presented a daily pose challenge for every day in March.  Won't you join me?!  All you need is a camera, Instagram, and a small urge to practice a little bit of Yoga every day for March.  Check out any of the ladies' bloggies for more inforamtion.

I'm gearing up for an early morning run to start off my Tuesday.  Y'all have a beautiful day! 


  1. Hmmmm I will check this out. My yoga has definitely been lacking lately. My poses may be a joke!

    1. Girl, you and me both! I think it will be a great time, no matter how goofy my technique is! Lol I also think they will provide variations of poses!

  2. I feel you, although my everything has been lackluster.

    I love hearing about the work you do! I know how much you love it, and it's great that you're sharing your love of exercise with the kids. I want a laminated yoga pose sheet to check off, too.

    Eagerly Awaiting Your RR in NJ

    1. Oh, how silly are you. I would be more than happy to send you laminated Yoga sheets every week. <3


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