Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blog Update [And March Challenges]

Look around!  I messed with some fonts and margins, played with graphics, and did a teensy-weensy bit of HTML work, and made this here blog a little prettier.  Oh, and what's that in the address bar?  LOOK.

That's right!  Drop the (blogspot) out of the addy from now on, y'all.  Update your readers, please!  <3

March is looking to be a pretty CHALLENGING.  I'm already participating in THREE challenges!

Joyce Meyer presented the 3030 Challenge to promote more meditation and Bible study time.  On March 1st, everyone involved in the challenge will pick up their Bibles for thirty minutes every day, for the next thirty days.  I have completely lost track of my quiet time with God, and this challenge called out to me personally.  I'm excited to have that time to myself again.  Here's the wonderful Joyce Meyer herself in a promo for the challenge.

Next, I'm up for the ZOOMA Photo-A-Day challenge!  It's pretty simple.  You post a picture to your Instagram or Facebook that the daily entry signifies for you.  Be sure to tag #Zoomaphotoaday!  Each week, a winner will be selected and they receive a free pair of Altra running shoes. Check out the site for the rules and details about affiliates.

And finally, the #SweatHappyWithYoga March challenge!  I told you about this one in my last post, where the ladies will present a Yoga pose for the day on Instagram, and you demonstrate the pose and post your own photo!  Follow the link in the photo for more information.

On top of all of this, I'm getting eye surgery (AGAIN...ugh!) on March 20th.  *le sigh, le sigh, leeeeeeeee sigh* I hope my eyeballs get fixed this time, for sure.  More details to come about that later.  ;)

C'mon, March 1st!  I'm ready for you! 


  1. You ARE ready! I'm just coming off of a challenge-heavy month so not sure what I'll do yet. Plus there's the deliciousness of spring break...

    1. I really think that I'm looking more forward to March, with hopes that it will bring warmer temperatures. It's my first spring in Chicago, so we shall see. Lol

  2. I know I already said this on IG, but I'm so glad you're joining our challenge! Thanks so much for spreading the word too. :)

    1. I am seriously excited for it, lady! Thanks again for setting it up!


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