Friday, November 2, 2018

Day One of 365

Yesterday I started my "new year".  I have a lot of work to do in the next 364 days, but I'm off to a good start.:)  Muncher Cruncher started her Seven-Day Gratitude Challenge -- it was a wonderful way to kick things off.

Morning workout:  3.25 easy miles with Windy.  My hip felt fine, my foot felt fine.  I'm starting to think that these issues are due to inactivity (any amount of sitting).

Ummmmm the Autumn colors here in Chicago are on 10.  It was *crunch, crunch, crunch* nearly the whole way.

Meals:  One of these bad boys for breakfast, plus a small banana.  BROTEIN!<3

Lunch was an Amy's burrito with brown rice -- it didn't look pretty, so I didn't snap it.:P

Afternoon snack -- yum.  Also?  I'm positive that Honeycrisp is the official apple of Autumn.

I had the ABSOLUTE BEST IDEA FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT.  I text Harry with my exclamation...and I wasn't going to be denied.

(Spoiler alert:  He didn't fight me.)

I ended up wanting some tomato soup with mine.  We added bacon and tomatoes to our grilled cheese -- does anyone else do something like this?

In other news, I'm registering for my first race in a while.  I won't be seeking a PR, obvs, but it'll be fun!:)  Any locals running this?!  Let's meet up!

Day one of 365 was a pretty good day!  Off to start day two.  Have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Happy "New Year"! I coveted the blanket they're giving at that race for a sec, but no, not running. Heck yes to pimping out the grilled cheese!


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