Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekly Recap ---> Double Digits.

This past week was pretty danged awesome.  It was the end of the quarter for our school, and thus, was a fun week for all (I like to close things out with major funsies for all of my classes so they know I really love them).

As far as training goes:  IT WAS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.  I feel like I'm getting my spirit back, and it's overwhelming and awesome and everything positive that I have been missing in my life for a while.

Monday morning brought on some SPIN.  Spinning or cycling is very important for me to do after a solid running week (I run Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - Sunday); I keep it light for the most part to work out the yuckies in my legs.

Snapchat posts happen often, since it's usually such an easy ride and I get a little bit bored.:)

Last week of my health class for the 8th graders = closing out our social wellness unit with watching "Mean Girls".  I have a pretty awesome outline of questions that they have to follow and answer to get cred.  I know -- toughest teacher of all time.

Tuesday (Halloween) morning included a 5K run with Windy.  You'd think that all of the running that she does would slow her down.  And you'd be dead wrong.  Girlfriend isn't fazed.  ALSO?  She's getting faster and is completely enabling me wanting to get fast feet.

We rushed home and got her in her Halloween costume!  I didn't even care that I was running a tad bit late to get to work; getting this picture was worth it.

Chicago gets extra dreary and gray during this time of year.  Yes, the leaves are pretty, vibrant colors, but the skies will remain overcast for what feels like forever.  This weather calls for a lot of tomato soup, and a lot of comfort food.

And yeah -- it was Halloween...and my students like to feed me...

Windy had a vet appointment (no worries -- she just had a booster shot!), and I decided that it was best if I took her for a long walkies around the nearby park to get some new smells. 

Wednesday AM was another 5K run for us.

And some chill time in my gym.  A nutrition specialist from the University of Chicago comes by every Wednesday to teach our students about their diet and how to improve it.  I usually use this time to clean things and plan more, but opted to chill and listen to the lesson.:)

Right back to the mac.

Thursday, I did something ridiculous...something I haven't done in a quite some time...

I swam.  I hit the pool with gusto I didn't know I had.  I haven't swam in ummmmmmm months.  The good news is that I still know how to.  1500 yards -----> done.

I don't know about y'all, but SWIMMING MAKES ME HUNGRY.  ALL DAY HUNGRY.  RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY ALL DAY.  That one scoop of peanut butter was like one of ten.

But I saw this and wasn't very hungry anymore.  #gag

 3.2 with Windy.  There's no slowing her down!

Until you get some new cookies from TJ's...

Our first run in the daylight happened on Saturday afternoon.  I had been at work all day, and while I would generally just come home and relax and enjoy the rest of my Saturday, I came home and threw a harness (that was Kayla's, my first Husky) on Windy and we took off for another run.  She pulled me the entire time!

Windy WooWoo closed out her running week with 13 miles.

Sunday (happy Daylight Savings, parents!) morning brought my longest run in over a year and a half.  Double-digits, y'all.<3

Of course, this was the highlight of the day!  #GORUNNINGBAE!  "F#@$ YES!"

A hot bubble bath and a book for the remainder of the morning was the way to go.

It was finally time for chili to happen in this house!  Harry made some beef chili with red and green peppers, kidney beans, tomato sauce and all of his spices.  I LOVE days like this!

And I totally would've taken a picture, but there isn't a camera on the planet that would make it look "tasty".  Just take my word for it:  It was delish.
Monday - 45 minute spin
Tuesday - 3.1 miles with Windy
Wednesday - 3.14 miles with Windy
Thursday - 1500 yards in the pool
Friday - 3.2 miles with Windy
Saturday - 3.6 miles with Windy
Sunday - 10.03 long run miles
Did you watch the NYCM?!  All of the feels, right?

How did your week go, friend?

Current book you're reading?

Egg nog, dairy or not:  YAY OR NAY?


  1. Nice week! Off the road, not so much for me but on the road, hell to the yeah! Hoping the streak continues for both of us.

    I'm reading Mirna Valerio's A Beautiful Work in Progress. Excellent.

  2. Swimming does make you hungry!! What IS that?!

    1. I'm annoyed that I don't know why. What I do know is that I always have a snack ready to nom on, or I get hangry real fast!

  3. hahaha, I love that you had them watch Mean Girls for social welness!! :P

    Windy is so adorable! <3 Great job on your workouts this week!

    And whatttt? Almond nog!? I'm gonna have to try that out! <3

  4. Swimming makes me so hungry as well. So does being pregnant. Or it just makes me more impatient about being hungry, and less willing to put up with it.

    1. I think the eating habits of preggos is absolutely fascinating. Some women are "eating for two", and some are never hungry ever. *shrug!*

  5. THANK YOU! I think she hated it, but it was only on her for like five minutes.


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