Monday, September 18, 2017

Quicksand (HI!)

HI!  How are you doing today?!  I'm fan-damn-tastic, going into our third week back to school, and rockin' every single day.

Quick question:  If you could eat the same breakfast every single day (let's be honest, that's totally doable), what would it be?


Eggs and avocado are LIFE.  So is breakfast.  I could actually make a haiku about all of this.

Runs with Windy are still happening.  To be honest, with the schedule change and all, the runs have almost been exclusively with her.  Plus, I think she gets really irked at me when I don't take her with me.  She's staying around 10-11 running miles a week.

BACK TO WORK!  I feel SO GOOD about this school year, like I'm in a terrific place in my career.

Here comes the part that I *really* need to tell you about:  I honestly feel like since last year, I have been treading water when it comes to staying on top of things.  Everything seems rushed, not calm, very "*snap snap snap* it needs to get done now".  EVEN with a summer break, I didn't really feel rested.

Monday through Friday, I'm working *basically* two jobs (on top of being a P.E. Teacher, I'm also a network sports coordinator for my district -- a part-time job), creating awesome lesson and unit plans for my students, still working with the new pup, still coming back to running, fitness things, and anything else I add onto the pile (cleaning, laundry, etc.).  Did I mention I'm also working on my Masters?  Six hours per semester on top of all of that.

Saturday, enter me

By Sunday, I'm back up a little bit, and ready to just keep my nose above the quicksand.  Every move I make, I sink a little lower.  Just -- so much yikes.

SO -- I need to combat this, for my own mental and physical health.  I'm attempting to be as preventable as possible, which might make one think that you're just moving one thing to replace another; but over time, it'll keep me at a moderate pace.

For instance

Yesterday was all about prep for the week, including grocery shopping, making a daily dinner list, some light cleaning, etc.  I even washed my hair *GASP* last night to keep from having to rush to do it today (or just ummmm...not wash it), and if you know me, you know that's HUGE.

I packed my gym bag, and somehow remembered everything.  I think I'll make a small, laminated (because I LOVE TO LAMINATE) checklist for my bag -- we're talking prevention here, people.

I gotta get back to being me, and it shouldn't feel like an uphill battle to do so.  So here's to an awesome week!  ROCK IT OUT, y'all!
Do you have a tough time staying on top of things?
-Really, yes...I feel like I go through waves of responsibility...

What's for LUNCH TODAY?
-Chicken Fried Rice from TJ's, and broc, doused in soy sauce. <3 <3 <3 #ILoveSodium

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  1. I relate to this post so hard. I am also a teacher, and I feel like every time I near the end of my to-do list, 8 more things get thrown at me. I also work second (and sometimes third) jobs, and it really takes a toll on me...but it's so helpful financially! I try to keep a detailed to do list and calendar so I can sort of keep up...but I typically loose some sleep in the process!
    I typically bring some salad for lunch at school! It's boring, but it forces me to get some veggies in my system!


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