Monday, May 15, 2017

Finally, Some Structure

Last week's training was the start of something awesome:  structured work.  I'm working on my mileage, but I'm not stressing it.  I'm letting this process happen at the easiest pace ever -- I (really) don't want to get injured again.:)

Monday was 45 minutes on Quistis (road bike) on the trainer.  I will be returning to my favorite spin class this morning, but I love having the trainer as a backup option (i.e. if I don't have my bag packed and ready to go the morning of a 5:45am spin class).

Tuesday was a rainy run around the 'hood.  Tuesdays have always been my *short and easy* run, an intro to the rest of the week for running.

Four miles for Wednesday.  The sun is practically up by the time I step out for a run at this point.

Thursdays are usually rest days, so of course, I was cranky all day.  Students even asked if I had run that morning... (?!)

Friday morning = my first swim in ...I don't know.  *shrug*

I wasn't interested in staying in the water for much longer than 45 minutes, and I was basically right on the money.  I'll get back to loving swimming at some point -- I just know it.

And speaking of which, swimming makes me SO HUNGRY.  Like RAVENOUS hungry!  This was the first time in my entire life when I've devoured two pouches of oatmeal, so I figured it was worth taking a picture...?

I was totally going to run on Saturday, but I had a ton of planning (and a twinge of anxiety) to deal with.  I was running a track and field meet all by myself (!!!!!!), so I wanted to be extra prepared.  I'm not proud of myself for skipping training for what's basically stressing out over something, but at least I'll feel more confident at the next meet.

Long run Sunday!  I basically Snapchat'd a few times while running, and thanked anyone watching along when I was all done.  This run felt great, and though it was a little warm out (it was 65*F, but that sun was definitely doing its thing!), I kept an easy effort.

Harry treated me to some Honey Butter Fried Chicken, one of our favorite spots.  If you live in Chicago, you HAVE TO GO.  Also, you have to invite me.  Have to.

A little snack after a two and a half hour nap...

Harry had gone out for the afternoon, so I treated myself to some sushi.  I could only finish two rolls (which is pretty normal, right?), so I have some leftovers for today, yay!

The real hero here is Sunday, haha.
Monday - 45 minutes cycling
Tuesday - 3.02 miles
Wednesday - 4.1 miles
Thursday - REST
Friday - 1500 yards swam
Saturday - REST
Sunday - 7 miles

TOTAL mileage ran - 14.12 miles
Have an awesome Monday, y'all!  Keep it marvelous!


  1. YASSSSSSSQUEEN. Such an awesome week of training! And yes, the swunger (?) is so real. Runger creeps up on you, but swunger is immediate.

  2. Yay! Hang in there, and I'm glad you're able to go back to your favorite spin class! Great job on getting those workouts in!

    I need to come visit Chicago someday! I want that chicken (+ blogger meetup!)!!


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