Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weird Snack, & My Meditation Setup

Well, Mondays are just weird.

I got up with every intention of...going back to sleep.  I did get up and do my two minutes of meditation (you can skip all of this if you want to learn more about it), but I'm wondering if I'm still a little tuckered out from being sick.  I dunno.  :\

This is the last week of the quarter, so I decided to show the girls how much I LOVE them by giving them food.<3 :D It's what they do for me, so I figured I'd return the luff.  We watched whatever they wanted (ended up being "Ratatouille" -- I'm just as shocked as you are), and nom'd for an hour.

I got home and had a hankerin' for something salty, buttery, carb-y, and sweet.  I checked the fridge and came out with this:

Gouda and jelly on toast.  I'm not kidding.  I'm also not knocked up, in case you were going there...;) It was buttery and sweet and delicious -- everything I wanted.

Dinner was leftover pizza from Sunday night.  Harry stays in the know with all things yummy in and around our 'hood, and we get really excited when two restaurants decide to collaborate on their eats.  This time, it was Piece Pizza and Honey Butter Fried Chicken, two of our fave spots, collaborating for some amazing-shorts pizza.

Soooooooooo full disclosure:  I'm not meditating in this picture, HA!  I'm just showing you how I've got things set up in my home.  I also don't meditate with the heater on right behind me -- it's an unwanted noise.  We'll get to that in a second.  I just wanted to show you some things that I do during my meditation; they aren't necessarily tips, since these are my preferences for a practice that will really help me focus.  But feel free to try them out!

Sitting and Posture
I start off with a comfy spot in my home.  For me, this isn't the bedroom; it's the living room area.  In my mind, the bedroom has another purpose, and that's sleeping; not necessarily for trying to push thoughts out of my head.  I throw two large pillows on the floor to sit on, so that my legs and hips can relax in an easy, cross-legged pose.  There are several postures that you can sit in, but I choose to keep it simple.


In terms of music and sounds, I'm kind of picky.  Not everyone listens to music (in fact, a lot of people prefer silence or chanting), but certain tunes help me focus.  There is only one volume that is acceptable, and I've only found a couple of songs that didn't sound too plinky, too jarring, too piano-y, too weepy, or too melodic.  Smooth, soothing tones are my fave.

I don't really have intention whenever I meditate.  We can delve into this more at a later time, but I like to push thoughts away; not focus on certain emotions or events like we often do in Yoga.  For me, the whole idea is to let my mind be calm -- not to exercise it.

I LOVE to use visualization for my practice!  It takes a long time to just be able to go 3, 2, 1 -- BAM, meditate!  Working my way into calming my thoughts is easier through visualizing something, sort of like helping you ease into the state of meditation.

My favorite image to focus on usually involves one single candle.  This is probably due to back when I used to teach Yoga, and would implement guided meditation.  I really loved this script -- it really helps me dive right in.

That's really all I've got for today.  I'm going to do more research to see how I can improve my practice, and I'll update y'all as needed!:)  Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!
Do any of your local foodie spots do collaborations?  

What's the weirdest combo you've eaten lately?

Do you prefer silence when you're working, running, doing Yoga or meditating?
-The sound of silence actually aggravates me.  It makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.   Maybe that's something I should work on, ha.


  1. I'm a meditation fail but when I went to a yoga class that did guided meditation, I loved it! Maybe I should work on visualizing something. Weird food = pancake with almond butter + blueberries on top. Maybe not that weird.

  2. Silence is either completely aggravating, or 100% soothing. I would find guided meditation the same way that I find any one else telling me what to do: an affront to my clearly superior skills and being.
    Weird combo of late. BITCH PLEASE when am I NOT eating a weird combo of things?


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