Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Saddest.Day.Ever, and the dark history of the Treadmill

I started my yesterday off with another trainer ride on Lola.  I'm not going to lie -- it got a little mind-numbing, but I got through it.  I had to dig deep and convince myself to get through it.  Luckily, I have a great reminder of what my spirit theme is (thanks to Momentum Jewelry for being able to customize their pieces!).

It was mostly a happy day up until this point -- remember my beloved avocado that I couldn't open the day before (because I derp'd and forgot a knife)?  W-E-L-L...

HOW SAD!  The poor thing couldn't wait for me to open it!:( I looked under all of that gunk, and there was more dead, gross gunk under it.

So my sweet potato and black beans went without a healthy fat for the day.

I knew that work husband had some chocolate-covered almonds (you can't let me know things like that) so I opened up his snack drawer and saw this -----> the snack lottery.  I quickly took a handful of what I was going in there for and shut the drawer.  I'm trying to forget it exists now...

Taco Tuesday = anything Tex Mex or otherwise in our house!  I picked up some of Costco's Chicken Tort Soup for Harry and I to eat for dinner.  Harry isn't the biggest fan of soup, and he even admitted that he considered stopping his run at Chipotle to pick up dinner, rather than eat this.

But he liked it!  I was so surprised!  Dunking TJ's tortilla chips in it was the equivalent to crackers in chicken noodle soup.;)

We ended up watching one more episode of "Black Mirror", and some of President Obama's Farewell Address.<3 #tears
Some of us love the tready.  Some of us loathe it entirely and stay away from it as long as humanly possible.  Until one day, snow and ice cover the sidewalks, or there's a righteously dangerous thunderstorm going on, and you're "forced" to run on that bad boy.  You do everything you can to keep yourself entertained -- music, check; movie or something to read, check.  You put your water bottle in the (sometimes gross-looking) cup holder, and toss your towel onto the bar (or sometimes over the numbers on the panel, so you're not reminded of how far you HAVEN'T gone yet), and you press "Start".

I'm mentally moaning and groaning just thinking about the situation, one where I've been a ton of times.

But I won't do that anymore.

After reading this article about The History of the Treadmill, nope.  I'm not complaining any-more.  Apparently, they actually WERE torture machines for humans originally.  Prior to that, the treadmill was used to produce power from animals (this is where "horse power" came from!  That's not so much dark as it is pretty cool to know).  Eventually, though...!


I found this video for you.  Lots of visuals.:)

"...banned for being excessively cruel..."

Lol yas.
Do you like running on the treadmill?

What was your dinner last night?

Are you good at making sure your produce doesn't go bad?
-I cannot stand being wasteful with food.  In fact, it's one of my goals of 2017.  This was a devastating blow to my goal!


  1. Between that avocado and Obamas speech... were you weeping all day?
    I don't mind the treadmill because I love the chance to read my books.

    1. ALL DAY! I think I might have actually gotten more sick from being a blubbering mess!

  2. I'm with you...the treadmill is a torture device (no surprises there!). I can tolerate it, but I seldom have a smile on my face while doing so. Too robotic, and my body does NOT like that.

    1. Robotic is the best word -- I feel like my gait changes, too.

  3. You know that I loathe the treadmill. I laughed when I saw that the treadmill was originally used as a torture device. No surprise there!

    1. Knowing how cruel and unusual it is, I'm not surprised that we don't use it in that fashion any longer.:\


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