Monday, January 2, 2017

My face matches my headband, NYD tradition, and more BFF time

I wasn't about to brave the hurricane that was a ton of people at the gym on the first day of the year yesterday.  Instead, after taking Harry to his NYD 5K (usually a tradition for both of us), I chose to do a Nike Training Club workout at my parents' house.  My sweet Momma walked around the block with me, ~.7 mile, then I grabbed my water bottle and phone and head into the garage (with the door open).

20 minutes into my workout, I thought I was going to hurl.  It was 70*F (nope, not kidding) and 90% humidity (still not kidding), and that kind of combination, on top of performing some plyometric moves, will make one's HR go up up up.  My face went full-on tomato shade.

Here's how some of it went.  Not shabby, like at all.  It was probably the weather that had me feeling so grody.  Reason why there are no pictures of me doing this workout = it was so muggy, the camera lens got fogged up.  So here's some of what happened...

After getting ready in record-breaking time, we head over to my cousin's house for New Year's Day tradition eats.  They served:  My Memaw's (that's Texan for "Grandmother") cornbread and potato salad, my cousin's husband's smoked brisket and venison sausage,

and of course, black-eyed peas.  They're edible luck to us!  I cannot remember the last year where I didn't start it off with BEP.

After lunch, I got more time with my BFF.

We really like selfies and Snapchat.

We got home and Harry and I realized that we should probably prepare for our trip home (today).  Apparently, on our way up, my bottle of Vitamin D capsules exploded everywhere in my bag.  Up until today, I had just ignored it.  I could do that no longer, and had to finally clean out my bag.  There was probably a good 1/4 of the bottle in there and in my clothes.

I was officially done adulting for the day.  Mom and I plopped onto the couch and watched some HP.

Mom ended up making spaghetti with our favorite sauce with beef and tomatoes for dinner.

Pro tip:  pour an awesome amount of olive oil with seasoning onto a plate, then dump a clump of finely shredded parm cheese on top of it.  Mix it together, and you've got the greatest bread sopping mix ever.

Cred:  Momma G.

We're taking off pretty soon, so I'll catch up with y'all later!  I hope you're off to a good start in 2017!

Do you like to travel during the holidays, or do you like to hold off until later to see fam and friends?

RANDOM:  What's your favorite board game?

Did you run in the New Year?  How did it go?


  1. Holidays are weird. We have discussed this. You better be bringing me some of that cornbread.

  2. Looks like so much fun. I've enjoyed your snaps! The fire evacuation was at the gym yesterday BTW so no worries. There was no fire, just a control panel malfunction. All good. I used to hesitate to travel over the holidays but it's grown on me. Happy New Year!

    1. Oh thank Heavens, friend. You know I'm really concerned when my reply consists merely of punctuation marks. <3 Happy New Year to you! You're going to do AMAZING things in 2017!


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