Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th.

Man.  Take a look at this picture, taken today, at 12:42pm  And allow me to tell you how Friday the 13th got to me.

- It was FREEZING in my gym.  I would always, always, always rather put on MORE clothes than be completely overheated in that gym (please believe me), so today, I snuggled myself into my enormous coat that reminds me of a sleeping bag.  

- Today was the very first day, potentially of my life, where I forgot to put on mascara.  Yes, I consider that a small inconvenience.  #firstworldprobs There was no point in eyeliner and shadow without the lashes darkened and longer!

- Because of the cold (and probably some germs), I took this picture when I had the sniffles and a sore throat.  I'm really hoping that doesn't bite me in the booty over the three-day weekend.

- I look slightly perturbed because my 7th grade girls were being absolutely nuts today.  That's what usually happens before a little break, especially when you just got back from another break.

- It's Friday.  Friday the 13th.  That's a good picture for today.  As you can see, it kind of sums everything up.;)

Have an awesome weekend, friends!  Cheers to happy running and training! 
Are you doing anything fun, exciting, or educational this weekend?
(One of my Kindergarten students informed me that she's going to "celebrate the King's birthday this weekend".  That's kind of presh...)

If you had to choose:  HOT OR COLD?
- Why do you think I moved to Chicago from Texas?:D

RANDOM:  What brand running shoes do you wear?


  1. Good question. I think I'd rather be hot. Well, I'm hot all the time now, intermittently. It's really weird.

  2. And I would move to Texas from Chicago. But really, can we just meet in the middle?


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