Tuesday, December 13, 2016

They love me, and my letter to Santa

Three highlights from my Monday:

1.  Spinning for an hour.  I cannot tell you how good that felt.  With all of the questions, all of the concerns, all of the worry over my foot, I've been terribly inconsistent in what is usually the thing that I'm the most consistent (exercise, in general).  So this...this felt like a first step in the right direction.

I know -- for many of us, we don't think this is a big deal.  But I feel like my battery has finally been recharged, and I'm ready to go another 15+ years without a long break like this.

(But really, I hope I never have to take a break like this ever again.)

2.  My middle school girls love me, no matter what I ask them to do.  No matter what, I tell you.  And clearly, I love them.  But that's because I felt really badly for asking them to do all of this for our warm-ups.:)

3.  That hot chocolate streak is going strong, and it just started to hold up its pinky finger!

Dear Santa,

You know that my left foot has been hurt for quite some time.  I've been so good, and you know it's true.  I've worn Das Boot everywhere I've gone, even to the movie theater and other places where I wouldn't have to walk too far.  I've also worn my night splint most nights.  I went to all of my Physical Therapy sessions, and did all of my homework.

Against the betterment of my healthy bones, muscles, and well-exercised systems, I gave everything a break from hard work just so this one part would feel better.

And it has.  For the most part.

I've been really super nice to people, too.  In my mind, anyone who had it tough this year may have been a little grouchy, but they totally deserve a high-five if they could still find joy in others.

Joy = Hanging out with my little fam.

Joy = that time our Fearless Leader and my Solemate got married.<3 #606Crew4Ever

I did pout, I'll admit that.  But only for a little while.  This year hasn't been my best, and I couldn't have done much to change that.  My beautiful, happy, incandescent spirit has faded ever-so slightly.  But I'm really ready to turn this frown upside-down.

I don't want much this year for Christmas.  I just want one thing, actually.

I would love to be absolutely, completely healthy to run again.  Without pain.  I want to feel the wind against my face, and whip through my hair, as I trot one foot in front of the other.  I long for the sound of my feet hitting the ground, some shallow tap with a *whoosh" that follows.  Bring on the mixed feelings...discomfort, joy, pride, pain, and above all, happiness.

I know that you'll deliver, Fat Man.  Because I made this cup of hot chocolate just for you.

And then I enjoyed it for you.  I promise, there was hot chocolate under that mountain of whipped cream.  But for serious, I'm going to make you your favorite cookies!  You know which ones..;)

Thanks for the link-up, ladies! (Team MarciaPatty, and Erika)!

Tell me one thing that's on your list for Santa!

What's your favorite kind of cookies?
(Maybe I'll make you some!  Cookie exchaaaaaange!)

Topper for your hot chocolate?  Marshmallows or whipped cream?  BOTH?


  1. Your christmas wish this year is the same as mine last year. I hope you get it. I so truly hope that you do. I didn't get mine before the end of the year, but I did during the year. So it did happen!

    1. You always know how to make me feel better. About anything. <3

  2. Awww I SO hope you get your Christmas wish! A year without running is a tough one indeed. You've been such a trooper. I'm so bummed that parking chaos prevented us from meeting last summer. Fave cookie = ALL the cookies!

  3. Glad you were able to take a spinning class. I've had a foot injury in the past and it was a long 4+ months, so I know how hard it can be when you can't be as active as you like. Hopefully Santa makes your wishes come true!

  4. Oh, honey, I feel you. I hope Santa delivers you a 2017 filled with pain-free runs, PRs, and lots of shiny medals!

    1. READING THIS literally made me SMILE SO BIG! Thank you! ^5!

  5. I'ma going to go with you friend running out in the open freeeeeeee! PK

  6. While I've been lucky not to have to wear a boot (crossing fingers) or take super long breaks, I have struggled on and off with a variety of injuries/niggles, some making even just walking painful.

    It's hard, so I think you're entitled to a little pouting (and hot chocolate is on my menu today!).

    Here's to a pain free 2017!

    And my fav cookies are the PB kiss blossoms. But I seriously don't need them!

    1. *Clink* with hot chocolate, friend. Thank you.:)

      Pain free 2017! I love it!

  7. Here's to a pain free 2017! Best of luck to you!!!


  8. You have done great with your recovery. You deserve that hot chocolate!

    1. Thanks, girl! I think I'd drink it, even if I didn't deserve it. Heh.


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