Thursday, December 8, 2016

It was time to grow up.

HI, GUYS!  I'm so excited to *SEE* you today!  Tell me how your week has been, please...but first, some random ramblings of me Thinking Out Loud...

1.  HOT CHOCOLATE STREAK from Tuesday afternoon.  If I don't post about it, then it didn't happen.

2.  Also?  After years of having to mooch off Harry's Aunt to go to Costco, Harry and I figured it was time to grow up and get our own account.  Buying a brand new car recently didn't make me feel nearly as much of an adult as getting a membership at Costco.  What's up with that?

3.  I grabbed some yummy stuff for the week.  I totally cheated on my Amy's burritos, and it was worth it.  These are yummmm-o.

And this quinoa + brown rice mix has been my fave for a while.  I found a box of it at the Costco for way less than I usually pay at the grocery store.

3.  (It deserved its own number.)  AND MY FAVORITE THING FROM COSTCO!
(Until we buy the two packs of huge Nutella jars.)

4.  In other news, if I tell you that I'm going to get your a present (in this case, a growler of beer from our friend's brewery), I always make sure I get it to you safely.  

5.  HOT CHOCOLATE STREAK PHOTO from yesterday!  

6.  Clearly, no matter how much I adult, it's still a struggle.

7.  Something that made my day yesterday was getting out my cold running gear.  Going to the track with the gang is still pretty important to me.  Walking around the track several times, fighting the urge to trot next to them (or even for a few meters) is part of my process.

8.  And it's a darn good thing I got out some of that gear and threw on two layers, too!  The wind was FIERCE!

 8.  Look at me go!

At a blazing 2.3 mph.:)  Oh, I did 3/4 of a mile last nigh --- NO DAS BOOT!

9.  We went out for a brew, then came home, and this is where I stood.  For ten minutes.

10.  I know that Suz will NOT be happy about this, but I cannot get enough of the white stuff!  

Happy Friday Eve, y'all!

Do you enjoy cold (THIS COLD) weather?

Tell me one song on your running mix, iPod/Phone/etc. that gets you REALLY pumped while working out or running.



  1. Hate cold weather AND snow and that is why we will be moving away from here when my husband retires!

    I haven't had hot chocolate yet . . . too busy drinking tea. :)

  2. Today was BRUTAL! I did my 6 miles and it was like a torture treatment every time I turned into that wind. Of course, I do have a treadmill and I made the decision to run outside. So boo hoo.

    I love that Seeds of Change rice. We've tried a few of the varieties and yum.

    1. I really think that the Weekend song "Can't Feel My Face" is about Chicago winters...

    Must it be so cold??? WHY

  4. Yay for a Costco membership of your own!! :D! (I'm uh, still mooching off of my parents' one. They actually cancelled their membership after I moved out of the house, but in recent years, decided to get it back again. :P )

    P.S. I really want a burrito now! :[


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