Wednesday, July 13, 2016

10 MORE DAYS (I'm not even talking about a race)

There are fewer things that get me this excited, and it hardly makes sense.

I have stated several times that I am not the most stylish person on the planet.  Like, beyond not stylish.  The majority of the time, I'm in what most would consider pajamas (I still <3 being a Physical Education Teacher!), or workout clothes.  I don't get excited about holiday sales, and I avoid the mall like the plague.  So, basically...

Admittedly, I buy way more Autumn and Winter clothes, basically because I'm in love with the clothes more.  All of the hats and scarves, the comfy sweaters and leggings. <3  Boots and cute socks (really --- who wears cute, cozy socks in the Summer?!).  I can't get enough.

THAT'S WHEN THE SALE OF MY YEAR COMES INTO PLAY.  I don't even have to leave my house, man.

I have 10 more days to figure out what I'm going after online; it's going to be the highlight of my summer (lol I can't tell if that's sad, silly, or both).  So yeah, if you're like me, you'll enjoy the Nordstrom anniversary sale, for sure.  Go check out the catalog!  We still have time!


Mine and Sophs' day yesterday was pretty packed.  After spending the night in our fort, we got up (well, I was up for a while...Sophs slept well past the time when Harry left for work), got ready, and head out to grab some breaky.  Elly's Pancake House was on our minds, and for good reason.  See the second thing on the menu?

She got the crepe, and I got the waffle.  I managed to finish 3/4 of my waffle (I have reason to believe that this proves how much I love structure -- even Sophia pointed out that I finished exactly 75% of my waffle).  Added a cup of coffee, and this was an awesome Tuesday breakfast.

Soph got musical...and a bit banana-shorts...maybe from the sugar in the Nutella crepe?

We went over to my school, where I thought Sophs would find it interesting how the school looks like such a mess when it's summertime.  She wasn't really all that impressed.:)  I had some things to drop off and to clean up, and we ended up socializing for a bit with my AP and Principal.  Sophia actually inspired our school's new motto, and was really happy to learn that she had a part in it.  (We're making some big changes at our school this year!  I'm thrilled!)

Next stop:  Get our toesies taken care of.

She has only had a few pedicures, but she's mastered the zombie walk.

All done!  I told her that she'd have the prettiest toes in her Karate class that evening.  She giggled.

We got home and grabbed a quick, late lunch.  THIS STUFF is pretty awesome, and I found it at Costco in the produce *room?*.  It could very well feed a large family in one sitting; I ate probably two servings of it.

Soph opted for a jelly sammich.  Yeah, no pb.  No cashew butter.  Nope.  Just jelly.

When we got home, there was a huge box with my name on it sitting in our foyer.  We actually opened it up before we ate (that's how excited I get to get mail).  SURPRISE!  I'll show you everything that's inside tomorrow!:)

We took off and picked up Harry from work, and then dropped off Sophs.  It was a fun four-day visit with her!  Harry and I immediately ordered from one of our fave burger joints, BRGRBELLY, and picked it up on the way home.  The uglier the burger, the tastier it is, right?;)  This is Black Betty -- and she is SO delicious.

And Belly Fries!

And they always give you a cookie to enjoy at the end of your meal.

I'm good to hop on the bike today and chilllllllllllllll.  You have an awesome Wednesday!
Do you like normal-people-clothes shopping?  Do you like going to the mall, or shopping online more?

What is your favorite kind of burger?
I love bleu cheese burgers!

RANDOM ----------- Fill in the blank:  I AM GRATEFUL FOR _____________________!
My answer = RUNNING.


  1. My stomach just exploded so that yours won't have to. You are welcome. And TWINKLE TOES :D

    1. CAST-IRON TUMMY! I totally didn't eat all of my burger, but yeah -- that's a lot of sweet, then some sour, then a ton of salty. What a day. Lol

  2. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I opened up a Nordstrom debit card so I can get early access to the sale this year :-X I've only shopped there once but I feel like I need to start getting nicer clothes! I'm excited to see what you get :)


    I don't know how to dress myself unless it's one of the following: yoga capris, a cotton race t-shirt (for lounging, grocery shopping, playing outside with kids, daily life), retired running shorts. If there's a night out involved, I'm standing in front of my closet for an hour trying to figure out what's "in fashion."

    In short, I'm just as excited as you for the half yearly sale! ;)

  4. I bought these to run in and they stay up, didn't have to pull them up. The workout clothing is on the heavier side and the black color were not see through. I tend to favor the darker colors and will look to buy more.


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