Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Read This (I couldn't come up with a good title)

Summer solstice makes me happy, because it's the peak!  There will be exactly zero days longer than this one, which means eventually, the sun will not be completely up by 5:00am.  This day always makes me excited, because AUTUMN IS NEXT!

(Yeah, I know.  I get way too excited for all things autumn, months in advance.)


5:30am yesterday morning, inside of my Jeep.

I had some good words to listen to while spinning.  If haven't heard any of the This American Life podcasts, you should definitely take a listen!

I hopped on the spin bike and started to warm up.  I couldn't figure out what kind of workout I wanted to do.  Does this ever happen to you?  It's showtime, and you don't have a routine?  I racked my brain...

Here's what I did, and you can do it, too!  Just an easy long interval workout for ya', in case of emergency (you're spinning solo and cannot think of a workout to do), if you will.  This workout was so simple, you'll wonder where the hour went!

That trip distance, though... <3

I may have done that *a little* on purpose.

I finally got to use my Eagle Creek Pack-it gear!  I felt so organized and neat!

Wet spin attire went into this bag.  It kept the (TMI) stinky stuff inside, and nothing else in my gym bag got yucky sweat on it.:D

Breaky = Fat, carbs, protein, and potassium.  All of my favorite things.  And yeah, sometimes I start to eat my food before thinking about taking a picture, neglecting your feelings.  I'm sorry.

The day before Field Day is kind of weir.  There were so many things to do.  There were three more towers of balloons to decorate with, believe it or not.

My lunch = an exercise dietitian's dream.  Brown rice + broc + chicken breast, and I added guac after I took this picture.  The picture with guac looked like there was a giant booger on top of my food.:)

Tomorrow is the last day of school, so naturally, my students wanted to take selfies with me.

Then my phone became Selfie City.

After school, I hit up the gym for weights.


I'm not even kidding.

45 minutes of Chest/tris/abs on Mondays, conditioning at the track on Wednesdays, and Back/bis/abs on Fridays = an awesome split.

I got home and chilled for a while with "Pretty Little Liars".  I'm so hooked.  Harry got home, and it took exactly   minutes for him to turn off PLLs.:D

We enjoyed some of these before I hit the sack.

Bestie Tommie Jo sent me this yesterday, when it was about 95*F outside.  So yeah...kind of accurate.

 Have an awesome day, y'all!  Pray I survive with all of these crazy kids today for Field Day!:)

Yesterday was the longest day of the year!  Did you do anything to maximize the daylight?

Favorite breakfast?

TOTALLY RANDOM:  What is your most favorite race memory?  Tell tell tell.


  1. That trip distance is insane! Maybe I will try that today! Dayum, lady! I love this American life, and I am 2/3 of the way thru that episode right now. Very interesting. I could have done without Elna talking about stuffing her gaping wounds, but still. Super fascinating. The likening of being fat to being gay made me think. Not sure if I 100% agree with it, but I understand the rationalization, and I definitely agree that you can't look down upon people or hate them because they are fat, just like you can't do so if they are gay.

    1. I agree! I don't know that the application is clear, but I was pleased to hear that Dan Savage wasn't a total douche-b to her over it.

      Also? I think you're the person I'd call if I needed wounds packed with gauze.

      Just sayin'.

  2. Great job on hitting a specific distance on your workout! I was a total slacker yesterday. This heat just sucks any interest in getting hotter out of me...

  3. Haha! I can't believe you are already talking about fall!

    1. I can't stand the heat, lol. When I lived in Texas, I always looked forward to the first day of college football (usually around Labor Day, if I'm not mistaken), and that meant that cooler weather was coming.

      I think it's interesting that I look forward to certain events to get closer to cooler weather. What a mess.:P

  4. I spent the longest day taking a rest day by the pool. Haha! But I was up bright and early (in the cool!!) getting it done. Do not say that F word around here...yet.

  5. Nice workout! I don't get nearly enough time to try spinning but it's such a great workout. I haven't tried that podcast, I seem stuck listening to old 90's music when I run, lol! I wish fall was on its way but it has a loooong way to go!

  6. Oh wow. You go to school pretty late. When do you start? Enjoy summer break!

    1. Right? Boo. We started the day after Labor Day; seems like it should be Labor Day to Memorial Day, like the good 'ole days!

  7. I really need to get on this podcast thing, haha. It'd make my drives so much more productive! Hooray for guac! :D I need to start meal prepping when I get over to my new space! :] I want my meals to be an exercise dietitian's dream too! :P

    P.S. Poor corn. :[

    1. OH I am in <3 with Podcasts lately, man. I listen to everything from TED talks to my Pastor (in San Antonio) in the car, on the bike, and even ran to one the other day.


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