Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's Totally Normal.

HEY!  You know the Thursday drill!


1.  Let's get this party started -- It's totally normal to have popcorn at 10:00am.

What's maybe not so normal is making creepy eyes while taking a picture.  I guess I was really excited to eat (aren't we all?).

2.  It's totally normal to stalk your friend's Snapchat -- from a mutual friend's phone, because you don't have Snapchat.

Side note:  I'm convinced that I'm the last person on the planet to not have a Snapchat account; and if I made one, Snapchat would officially be like Myspace.

3  It's totally normal to go to the grocery for just two things.  Especially these two things.

4.  THREEFER -- It's totally normal to run down to your Principal's office and demand candy.  She usually keeps a candy jar full of goodies, and it was empty.  I pointed it out to her and *MADE HER* fill it.

Also, it's totally normal to eat your favorite candy in front of Kindergarteners while they're working their booties off doing push-ups.

Also?!  It's totally normal to run out of lotion.:(

5.  It's totally normal to be able to run and take perfect pictures of baby animals in your 'hood.

6.  It's totally normal to obsess over the elevation chart of a 5K you just ran, and slap yourself on the forehead for not doing so before the race.  Totes wasn't prepared for THAT hill.

7.  It's totally normal to kiss a pair of brand new running shoes.

8.  It's totally normal for a nine year-old to "go to their dark place."

10.  It's totally normal to miss all of this, and want to live it all over again.

 11.  School is almost over for my school district (we began after Labor Day).  IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL TO HAVE THIS REACTION, especially at this point of the year.

TELL ME THREE THINGS that are TOTALLY NORMAL!  Keep it light -- it's Thursday, and Thursdays are tough!:)


  1. I don't kiss my shoes, but it is totally normal to huff them like a kid with smelly markers.

  2. It's totally normal to crave pickles at 9am. And no, I'm not pregnant :P

  3. Love the color of your new shoes. Oh, and I think I have a Snapchat account but don't even know how to use it. I feel so old.


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