Monday, March 7, 2016

One Sentence Kind of Marvelous Monday

All I really wanted to do Saturday morning was to sit and drink I did.

After a lot of sitting (and eventually doing household chores), I had a hard decision to make.

Harry and I met up with buddies to do what we love best = Eat.:)

Bread pudding might be my new favorite dessert.

Sunday morning was dedicated to going out to the Polar Plunge to watch Fearless Leader Greg jump into Lake Michigan!...and Lady Gaga....

So many people get into this event.

This really is quite the event in Chicago.

This was the first time I've ever been to the Polar Plunge; it was pretty spectacular.

Greg took my phone with him to take pictures and videos (I have a waterproof case), and he didn't let us down in the point-of-view department!

We had a blast watching all of the Plungers in different costumes jump in the cold water.

It was my also the first time I've ever worn boots to the beach.

We were hungry after all that watching.

Greg was REALLY hungry!

We were also thirsty --------> Shamrock Shakes hit the spot.

The rest of my Sunday afternoon was dedicated to this.

I finally got to see Suz on the show, and it seriously made my life.<3

Y'all have a marvelous day!

YOUR TURN --------> ONE SENTENCE to sum up your weekend for me!

Do you participate in any charity events?

Name one yummy thing you ate this weekend!


  1. I worked, went to my son's gymnastics meet, and rode my bike outside! Yes!

    And ate broasted chicken for dinner on Saturday. With fries. Sometimes, you just have to.

  2. My one sentence: Working (YAY) and food. Everywhere. So two sentences, but get over it.
    I would never do the polar plunge. No way, no how.

  3. My sentence- relaxingly productive! Does that work?

  4. So much good food! I used to love watching the NJ Polar bear plunge - people are crazy!

    1. People are seriously bananapants about things like that -- I love it.

  5. My sentence : Painting baseboards in my friends new house.

  6. I had a turkey burger with sweet potate yummy! I have only ever watched a polar plunge but one year I am going to suck it up and DO It!

  7. And now I'm really hungry. So thanks for that. ;) So glad you had a fun weekend. The Polar Plunge looks like it was a lot of fun! One sentence to sum up my weekend: really productive. Just what I needed.

  8. I watched all 13 episodes of "House of Cards" on Saturday. Then on Saturday I went to a baby shower and watched "Star Wars". Yes, I had a very productive weekend.

  9. My sentence: Run, basketball, gymnastics, shopping, coffee date, run, yoga, ski school, snowboarding kind of weekend! :) And polar plunge? NO WAY!


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