Friday, January 15, 2016

WE WON! (A True Story)

LOOKIT.  It was 30*F yesterday morning when I hit the streets for a funsie runsie, and rocked out some capris.  In all honesty, I probably could've sported shorts.

Harry started new classes this week.  His classes this week fall on Thursday evenings, so once again, I have the house to myself on a weeknight evening.  I decided to celebrate last night after a tough day.

It was kind of freezing in my house, and I didn't care.  I wrapped myself up in a warm blankie and devoured this.

So we went in last week for the lottery.  After winning $8.00, and the lotto being nearly $1.5 billion, we decided to go for it again.

$5.00 per person, and that bought a lot of tickets.  We had pretty good odds, right?!

No.  Not really.

BUT, WE WON!  We really hit it big!

At least we have things to take our minds off of losing $10.00.  Work husband brought his hoverboard to work today, so yeah.  It's a great way to rock a Friday morning.  

Also?  You really shouldn't text and hover, Tiff.

AND SPEAKING OF TODAY ---------> Harry and I are taking off!  Up, up, and away to AZ later today!  We're so ready to go.

Side note:  I don't take the tags off my bags -- I let the person at the desk at the airport do it when I check in luggage.  I'm superstitious like that.

Lottery players:  Did you win anything?

Where was the last destination you visited?  Vacay or family trip?

Have you been on a hoverboard yet?
-I have managed to not bite it!  #soproud

Ice cream lovers:  With a cone?  Without a cone?


  1. Yay for the win. I'm so bad I didn't even play. Did anyone win big? Under a rock here. Have a great trip!

  2. The real question of lottery winnings--is it feeding or taking away from your nutella habit?


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