Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Running 26.2 (or at least the numbers)

Happy Wednesday, friends!  How is your week going?

Mine's kind of swell.  Yesterday's run was brought to you by my favorite (non-compression) running socks -------------> FEETURES.  A mismatched pair, at that, but #TwoPairDontCare.  From my Instagram:

Lunch seemed to have come sooner than it did yesterday (I guess I wasn't starving for it).  More broc (I'm on a kick lately!) and an Amy's burrito  Great stuffs.

For my K-3rd graders = Parachute day.:)

After coaching my amazing Cheerleaders for two home games, I hoofed it home, where Harry was just showering up after his run.  I was originally going to make Chicken Pot Pie, but had noooooooooooo time for that.  Pasta (EASY) night, done.

Also, I added a couple of handfuls of spinach under the pasta.  It's really the only way I'll eat it.  I'm Southern = we smoosh our food together.

 A movie and lounging with the hubs, and my Tuesday was complete.
Harry sent over something to me that was pretty interesting the other day.  This report by Race Navigator shows numbers from 2015 marathon data.

2015 US Marathon Info-graphic

I'm not a huge data and numbers person, but I really liked looking at where I measure up in all the mess of us crazy endurance people.  I found the breakdown of the types of marathons pretty curious, too!

Also, which marathons to potentially rock out, and which ones I don't know that I'd enjoy -- MOUNTAIN MARATHONS?!

In other entertaining things, Runner's World put this bit out a few years ago.  I thought it was a real home run in terms of running inspo!

I noticed my new running mantra.

I hope you guys have a glorious day!  We're halfway to the weekend.:)
Do you like running numbers?  Data?  Extra tidbits about your running vs. everyone else's?


Do you have a favorite veggie right now?


  1. My newest favorite advice (not necessarily running but life in general) came from my yoga instructor on Monday. Chill out or Burn out.

    Repeat. many times.

  2. This is super interesting! I know I'm definitely going to be coming in behind the average in November, but I'm just hoping to finish since it's my first one! I'm not a math fan but I do find charts like this fascinating. Thanks for sharing!


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