Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rock 'N' Roll Arizona 10K Recap

Let's rewind to nine days ago when I ran my first race in Arizona -- the Rock 'N' Roll AZ 10K!  Yeah, remember, I was supposed to run the mary?  And that went quickly to the 10K after being injured (two separate injuries!).  I was just happy to be there, no matter what distance I was racing.  This was such a beautifully organized race, flawless in nearly every way, and was like a giant party.

Race morning in one word ----------> GORGEOUS.  

I was clearly way more stoked than Harry -- he was running the half, and I was running the 10K.  I guess he knew I'd be getting some things before him, like:  Beer, chocolate milk, a massage, etc.  No wonder he's not his happy self in this photo.

It also might be because he loathes selfies.  MEH!

40*F, clear and sunny.  I'm not sure anyone could've asked for better race conditions, no matter which distance you were racing!  The half marathon and 10K started together, and split right around mile 2.5.  I really went into this race thinking that I'd just bust out six miles at a slower pace, but my splits were definitely saying something different.  My first mile was a 8:09 pace, and my second was an 8:04 (after I had told myself to slow down).  I guess I got hyper, happy feet?  I just told myself to keep the pace as long as I felt like it.*  The course had some lovely inclines, which I LOVE (hills suck, but they feel great on my hips!), and just as I was longing for some flat course, it came.

*I wouldn't do this for a half or full marathon.  I'm not a positive split runner, nor do I believe that it's a true race strategy for longer distances.

Because I was running the 10K, I took my phone along with me and attempted to get some pretty shots along the course.  Not too shabs for going at an ~8:00 pace.

But really?  I think it was my new iPhone's fantastic camera.  Amazing sights, nonetheless.  Harry said that the half marathon course was equally as hilly, with equally amazing views.

I haven't done a ton of 10Ks.  In fact, I've only done three before this one.  Three stand-alone 10Ks.  So yeah, this was a PR, and by about three minutes.  One of my goals this year is to run sub-50:00 10K, which I've been capable of for a while now, but to have it on record, I guess.  This one ended up being 50:19, and I was barely trained for running at that pace for six miles.  I was pleased with myself, knowing that I'll get to my goal this year.  Thanks for the PR, RnR.

There were several items at the finish line, ranging from water and bananas, to chocolate protein shakes and granola bars.  RnR had something for everyone, that's for sure.

I LOVED this stuff!  I usually have to walk past most people holding out chocolate milk at the end of races, because I'm lactose intolerant (for some things; cheese and small amounts of ice cream or froyo don't bother me, but milk will wreck me!).  I shook my head and told the kind people "no, I can't have that..." as I walked past them after this race, and a man said "It's lactose-free!".

WELL, BOY HOWDY.  The best part was that it was refreshing and delicious.

Bloggie friends, meet my new Bestie, Tate, from Keystone Body Therapies.  These guys had a big tent with about 10+ tables out there on race day.  Everything was clean and the therapists were very knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and attentive.  BFF Tate worked on my hammie, as I had indicated that it was (still) a weird spot for me.

One great thing about finishing in the 10K was NO WAIT getting a massage.  That felt pretty awesome after a glorified speedwork session.

Side note:  This is the only *non-extremely-creepy* selfie I took.  It's a little creepy, though.

I grabbed some of their info., just in case any peeps from AZ need an amazing massage crew.

After Harry finished his half, we walked around a bit, checked out the garb and events going on at the after-party, and then head back to the hotel.

Another great thing about this race was how easily they made it for anyone to get to and fro using public transportation.  Harry and I got to the expo and the race (start and finish) on the light rail.

My report, compliments of the Rock 'N' Roll series:

Nice data collection, guys!  This was basically available the afternoon after the race.

Harry and I had such a blast, we're seriously considering going back again next year.  We love AZ -- we have friends and family there, so they made it extra terrific.:)
Have you run any Rock 'N' Roll events?  Which one?

Are you looking to PR a distance, or several distances, this year?  Which one(s)?

Are you a Data Runner -- The more numbers the better?
-I honestly like to keep things simple, but I don't mind a few more digits in various categories.


  1. Nice race! A sub 50 is totally in your wheelhouse! Nobody ever mentioned the hills to me a that race. They always try to lure me with "oh it's flat". Ha! Congrats!

    1. *WE* know flat, girl! I know hilly from being a native Texan, but when races claim to be flat, I laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh, almost to the point of maniacal.:P

  2. Congrats on your race, but hahahahahhahahahaha Harry's face

  3. Great job at the race! Love it when you go out there with no expectations and end up (nearly) hitting your goals. Sometimes when you remove that pressure your body just GOES! I'm hoping for a PR in every distance I race this year..not too much to ask for right?! lol

  4. Wow, you did an amazing job! :)) I've never done a 10K. I think I might like it better than a 5k though, because 5ks are little too fast for me.

  5. Glad you had so much fun and enjoyed your time in AZ! My husband and I do this race every year (it was both of our first half marathon :) ) and I always have fun

  6. awesome job on the 10k!! I was there too running the half. It was absolutely gorgeous. My report on the end is a little different, thought it was too crowded and a bit disorganized but overall a lovely weekend in AZ!

    1. Oh, boo! It must have been just after the finish line? I guess it would've seemed fine to me, finishing a while before you.:)

  7. Great job and recap! That pic of you and Harry is classic. He looks just thrilled...

    I love data. I'm definitely a numbers gal.

  8. Great job Tiffany! Oh and the love the light rail in AZ. Well, I've only been there once but rode on it a couple times when I ran the half marathon.


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