Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Things!

So we had some very important guests last week at my school, during my P.E. classes.

Four Youth Coaches from the Chicago Blackhawks came to my school to teach some of my kiddos how to rock out their floor hockey skillz!  I was SO STOKED for them, and I took approximately 1,022 pictures of the students at the clinic.

THEY HAD A BLAST!  The Blackhawks G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Learn) program donated the clinic time, 30 hockey sticks, 30 floor hockey balls, two nets, and 30 pinnies.

They also gave me some pretty awesome gifts for being me.:)  We couldn't thank them enough!

We're so lucky and blessed to have been a part of the fun!

Some snowy, cold running happened last week.  The hammie is feeling better, albeit on and off, but some easy miles all week and a bit of cross-training has made my athlete's heart smile.

ALSO?  They built a Wendy's right next to my school.  FROSTYS FOR LIFE!

Myself and about twenty teachers went for the Powerball.  I'm not sure if we're going for it again, but I sure am willing to!  Did you play it?  Are you going to play it this Wednesday?  $$$BIOLLIONS!  But if I win and you don't, I promise to send you some cookies.<3

Harry and I picked up the Sophs and took her to her Dentist appointment, where not only did she not have any cavities, but she lost a loose tooth during her cleaning.  Thanks to inflation, this kid might be richer than all of us by the time all of her baby teeth fall out of her head.

AND SNOW!  While Harry grumbles and frowns at the sight of it, Sophs and I embrace the snot out of the white fluffy stuff!

Our first stop for post-no cavities celebration?  A local boba tea shop.:)  Soph's pick!

I totes messed up my lid.:\

Then we were Downtown bound (snow falling and all) for some Eataly.  This place has hosted probably one of the most amaaaaaaaaaazing meals I've ever had (but it was sans-Soph; she isn't into beer and cheese:), and all I can do is think about it when I'm there.  This night, Sophs was on the hunt for a Nutella crepe.  I love the quote behind Sophs, no matter how weird it is that she's in this shot.:D

This just in:  Sophia and I were willing to give body organs for the huge jugs of Nutella.

Thanks to the new hole in her mouth, the Tooth Fairy was due for a visit.  Sophia got to use MY Tooth Fairy pillow from when I was her age.  My heart = smiling.

Sunday morning =

And a short run in the snow/ice.  Layers were necessary.

The snow made for some pretty views throughout the park.  From my Instagram:

A shorty, but it's nice to be back from injury.  I'm happy to be making a healthy comeback.

When I left the house, it was my understanding that Harry and Sophs were going to work on some yummy waffles for breaky.  This is what I found when I got home, nearly thirty minutes later.  Harry put some serious elbow grease into cleaning the poor waffle iron, and also learned a valuable lesson in spraying it with a generous amount of PAM before cooking anything on it in the future.

After we dropped off Sophia, we hit up the grocery store and TJ's.  God bless pot pies...the perfect, most soul-warming, the most hearty and tummy-filling meal on an icy cold evening while enjoying a thick local Stout and football.

Heading over to TJ's on a Sunday was the right thing to do.  We grabbed some noms for the week, and some yummy-smelling hand soap for the bathroom.

And a Trader Joe's tradition:  Harry and I split a PB&J chocolate bar every time we go.

Thanks for joining me for some #MIMM magic!

BEST THING TO CONSUME on a cold, chilly, icy, snowy evening?

Football, the Golden Globes, or a movie?  What did you watch Sunday evening?
-A little bit of all of the above.

Did you join in on the Powerball funsies?

Best workout over the weekend?
-Five miles Saturday morning!


  1. I wonder if Sophia can enter her tooth to buy a Powerball ticket. That might work. Also, WHAT HAPPENED to the waffle iron??

  2. YIKES on the waffles but frosties, crepes, boba tea, and chicken pot pie make up for it! YUM!

  3. All the Wendy's around here are closing. I thought they were going out of business!

  4. We NEVER buy any kind of lottery ticket, but I mean, when the it's a BILLION dollars, you buy a damn ticket, right? We bought some yesterday ahha and then continued to plan out our dream lives.

  5. I've sadly had waffle iron problems like that haha. I went to Eataly for the first time when I was in Chicago for the marathon this past year. OMG IT'S AMAZING. I could literally live in there.

  6. Is that Avalanche bubble tea?? I miss that place so bad, I lived about 30 seconds from there. Try the blue raspberry! Say hi to Jay!

    1. WHAT THE WHAT?! YES! I'm SO impressed with your mad Nyx'ing skills right now!

  7. Oh no on that waffle iron! I did see the Wendy's next to LA Fitness. :-) I have yet to go there and I LOVE Wendy's. A bunch of us teachers did play the Powerball and nope we did not win.


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