Monday, December 7, 2015

On the Running Bench, and What Did You Want (80s Kids ONLY)?

Um, last week completely got away from me.

Here's the deal:  I'm taking some time off from running.  And by "some time", I mean a couple of weeks.  My Achilles and feet are shot, there's something going on with my left hip, and what I need to do is take a break and focus on other fun things!  Swimming, Cycling/Spinning and Yoga are on the agenda until further notice.:)  I know, I'm a real mess lately.  Lately = the last six months or so.  2016 will be better!

And it's lucky that I found this guy the other day.  My Underwater Audio isn't a NECESSITY, but it's nice to have tunes when counting tiles in the pool. 

Also, clearly the Chicago winter is already getting to my skin, as well as washing my hands a thousand times a day.  I began a nightly and morning moisturizing ritual after seeing this picture.  Ha.

WHAT I'M DOING IN P.E. at the moment!  Last Thursday, we were 12 school days out from our Winter Break.  The first graders were ECSTATIC about this, and we came up with a workout to celebrate!  Y-E-S ---------> FIRST GRADERS made this!

Chicago Transit Authority is getting into the holiday spirit.  That's always nice to see, even if the bus is about to cut you off in traffic.  Bless.

I'm inhaling soup and some good 'ole veggies lately.  I never seem to reach my fill with veggies, either -- I always feel like I need more.

Sophs and I have real Christmas wishes, found at Costco.

Nope.  Don't care how old young I am.

But settled for matching boots.

And Christmas things finally happened!  I feel like I'm the last person on the planet to have put up our tree!

Sophs and I also talked Harry into letting us get a Gingerbread house at Costco.  She isn't mad, by the way...just concentrating.  Really hard.

We enjoyed the Gingerbread men.  We figured they didn't want to live in that house, anyway.

After dropping Sophs off, Harry and I jumped on a trail -- I biked, he ran -- and we've been so curious about this trail.  That's always a great feeling ---------> Going down a new trail, smiling into the wind.  It was about 48*F out, and a little breezy, so I wore two and a half (I have a little jacket from Moxie that's great for a cover-up for cooler days) layers.  Believe me, it was necessary.

Harry suggested that we take our headlamps (that we got from the Energizer Night Race last year), and while it wasn't necessarily used to SEE, as it was to BE SEEN.  There were four intersections where I had to cross traffic without lights or a stop sign, so it was definitely a great idea to wear the light.

I was really happy that the headlamp fit around my helmet.  So yeah.  CHEEEEEESE!

18.2 miles and 10 freezing toesies later, we met back up at the Jeep and took off for the store.  I was still freezing (cold to the bone!).  Harry treated me to a hot apple cider.<3  Chili dogs, football, and a brew to end off our evening.  Great weekend.:)

On this Marvelous Monday, I'd like for you to check out this list. 

I WAS ALL ABOUT THE RUXBIN.  I know for a fact that I asked for one, and my sister totes got one.  Rude.:\

Teddy Ruxpin

Thanks to our beautiful hostess!  Y'all have a MOST MARVELOUS MONDAY!
Runners:  Do you find something new/to replace your miles when injured (depending on the injury, obvs!)?

RANDOM:  What color are your eyes?

Gingerbread House:  Yay or nay?

Have you started making your list for Santa?


  1. Our tree is not up and the gingerbread house sits boxed in the garage. BUT I actually have holiday cards DONE and almost ready to be mailed. Almost. I pick my battles. Yay for getting out on the bike!

    1. Picking battles before the Christmas holidays = best idea ever.<3

  2. We ALWAYS used to do a gingerbread house every year and I have great memories of it. No one ever ate it, except my uncle would on Christmas which is kind o gross since it had been out at least 2 weeks. Ew.

    1. That's probably the biggest challenge for me -- what on earth do we do with it?

  3. I had no idea there were swim buds! Good to know :)


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