Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Now" is always the right time.

I gotta get real.  I have so much work that I want to do.  I keep allowing life things, brain things, dumb things take the place of active, tenacious training.  I feel like I'm repeating myself here, and maybe I am, and maybe that's good for me.  I need to up my game, or I will stay in a place of stasis.

So yeah, more green things.:)

Am I the only one who gets sad when one gets away?  I mean, rude.

Yeah, right before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and ton of holiday gatherings and whatnot, but I gotta get moving.  Moving with crap in the tank is not, nor has it been, very efficient.  My tongue and tummy have had enough fun for several months, and I'm ready to move back into training foodies.  Harry and I will still enjoy a couple of meals a week that have nothing to do with healthy -- that just keeps us sane.  But these days are over.:)

This is all that I've had in mind since I saw it posted in the Women for Tri Facebook group.  I don't usually put emotional investment in phrases like these (things like "you'll thank yourself a month from now" just don't usually do it for me), but this one made me think.  I've discussed the goals of PRs in several distance races, and I have to move forward with those goals.

So yes.  "Now" is absolutely the right time to begin anew, in training, in nutrition, in wandering down the path of goal-setting and achieving.:)
Let's talk about running with music for just a moment, mkay?

One thing that does motivate me is toonage.  Yes, I run with music.  I race with it, too.  Can you believe it?

(I can hear your eyeroll from here, you know.)

It's actually not too unbelievable.  The main statements that I hear from people who don't want to run with music is because they feel distracted, out of the moment, less focused, or it makes them go too fast or too slow.  Me?  I just like moving my body to beats, to words, to sing along, to play the music with my free hands, to add more bounce to my gait -- in other words, to enhance my experience.

I have one active running playlist that I'll go through until I'm over the songs.  Songs I never get over are ones like Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart" and "Eye of the Tiger".  Yaya!

Music has moved me my entire life, which tells me that I'm doing something right when I enjoy the snot out of running even more with the tunes.  I'm all about safety and whatnot, in regards to being aware of your surroundings and being able to identify certain emergency alerts.  I don't go out with volume at 100%, and I sometimes run with one earbud in when going along busy streets.

A tip if music does move you, on the run, on the spin bike, on the elliptical, etc. --

Variety, variety, variety.  I have a few favorite songs that make it on every running playlist, but I try to keep the material fast and fun.

From Runner Unleashed's Instagram.  Some pretty solid advice any 'ole day, huh?

Music on the run or race -- Yay or nay?

Tuesdays are tough -- Do you need a HUG today?

Have you felt like you've had enough with a static training life?  How did you get past it?  


  1. Same when one gets away! Between you and me I eat it anyway :)

    I've been stuck in stagnation but it didn't last long. Now I just need to figure out how I overcame and kicked butt!

    Have an awesome day Tiffany!

    1. OH YEAH, MISSY! Moving onward and upward!<3 You have a gorgeous day, friend!

  2. I want to start running again! I did it for about 4 weeks just recently, but I made the mistake of starting when it got really cold and really dark really early. I'm settling for early morning workouts instead! I got into a rut of only doing PiYo and I just got so bored. I just started doing HIIT workouts and it's like I have renewed energy!

  3. Holidays up ahead or not, I too am ready to throw down some healthy eating. Halloween did me in. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Halloween TOTALLY rocked my world, man! I've never been the type to get my fill of sweets, but holy macaroni.

  4. I haven't been eating badly, but probably not as healthy as I did. And my weight reflects it. So yeah, I've been trying to up my nutrition again, too.

    The dogs do a great job on anything that gets away (as long as it's ok for them, of course, there's lots of chocolate involved in a lot of things, obviously). My little helpers.

  5. Yay to music on the run! I can't move without my tunes. Well, I can, but music helps take my mind off a tough run.

    This is a tough time of year to eat clean!!! I struggle with it too.

    1. I have seriously flaked out on a run or two because I didn't have music. I'm fine with conversation, but no tunes, no way.

  6. Music- heck yeah! I'm with you on that. And also on the clean green eating. It's been fun, but it's time to get the crap back out of my life. Great post today!

    1. I feel like it's a fresh start whenever I concentrate on nutrition. My face clears up first, haha!

  7. I can't imagine doing anything without music. Music is life!

  8. I'm not up to running but I definitely should be walking - to music of course!


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