Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm very jealous of Harry.

I got to show off Lola at work yesterday.  All of my students wondered what was up with her funny handlebars.  

I actually took her with me so that I could get new tires put on her after work.  You see, the racing/very expensive tires that came with her are SO TIGHT that I can't even get them off by myself.  This worried the snot out of me.  All I could think of was being out for a long ride and getting a flat, for which I couldn't fix.  No matter how many clips I used, I could NOT get either tire off.  So I bought more expensive tires that I could wrestle off if need be.

Lunch was most satisfactory -------------> Amy's cheddar burrito with brown rice and quinoa...a lot of it.  The way God made it, I reckon.

When I got home, I was FAMISHED.  I must have eaten about a pound of Stacy's pita chips and hummus.  #NoRegrets

Can you tell I'm stupid-excited?  

 Harry has classes Monday evenings, so I have the house all to myself!  This also means that we're what we call "OYO" = "On Your Own" for dinner.  I decided it was time to bust into the case of Annie's mac we got at Costco.

Side note:  I <3 Costco.

Some of this just before bed means I have sweet dreams.  I get the hankerin' to re-read HP books during Autumn/Winter.:)

Did you see THIS on Runner's World?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a pretty runner.  I think Becky@ Olives 'n' Wine and I had this conversation during a run together last year.  I've only ever gotten a couple of kind of nice race photos; for the most part, I either look like I'm sneezing or I look like I'm 16 seconds from death.  I now know I'm not alone, thanks to Runner's World and their weird, runner-esque sense of humor.:)

Harry doesn't ever have bad race photos.  He has run over 100 races, everything from 5K to marathon, and has a HUGE photo file that includes amazing photos of him rocking them out.  I'm super jealous of him in that aspect.

Here's ONE decent picture from a recent race that Harry and I sort of ran together...

And exactly one turnover later...

So, I'm looking forward to a new goal of getting an AMAZING race photo at a race soon.  I don't care if I have to scope out the photogs before the race starts.  Gratefulness brings smiling, and smiling makes for AMAZING race photos.:)

Something cool I saw the other day ~~~~~~~~~~~~> Some really crafty pumpkins (HERE).

Couples friends:  Do you get the house to yourself regularly?  

Do you make crafty pumpkins, or do you keep it simple?  

What's your FAVORITE protein to put in a salad?
-Mine might have to be turkey!

Name one thing you are grateful for today!:)
-My answer:  YOU.  For serious.:)


  1. I want an owl pumpkin. To go with Fred, Bob, and Janet. They need an owl.

  2. My 18 year old carved an amazing pumpkin this year. It's starting to rot tho, and I'm pretty sad.

    1. BOO! We waited until this coming weekend to go to a pumpkin patch to try to avoid that. However, I'm afraid we may have waited too late. We shall see!

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  4. I look horrible in my pictures too. Oh, and I did not know about Annie's Mac 'n' Cheese at Costco. I love it there too.

    1. As you can see, I have some of the Annie's mac to spare.:)


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