Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Because no one looks sexy with swim goggles on (unless you're Michael Phelps).

This is what most of my Monday afternoon (and probably this afternoon) looked like -- coursework.  This is my last course for the summer, so I'm thankful as all getout that I'm already done with week one. 


I hit up the pool this morning for one of my favorite swim workouts:  1500 Breakdown.  I warmed up with a few hundred meters (it's a 50 meter pool, so I only have to go back and forth -- it seems so much shorter in terms of time!), then did this:

1 x 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 meters

This workout is a great build-up workout for an Olympic distance tri, and I love doing it for endurance working into speed.

A summer morning this bright and happy required some shades.

Shaded goggles, that is.

I've been training in Aqua Sphere goggles for a couple of years now.  They are my fave goggles -- they fit my face perfectly.  I picked up some new ones since I'd be swimming outdoors more often during the summer, and they are ACES.  No leaks, perfect visibility, and just right for outdoor swimming.  

Goggle and swim cap selfies aren't pretty.:)

I got home, made some breaky, then talked to my Mom for about an hour and a half before jumping in the shower.  I'm surprised that my hair didn't turn green.

I can't seem to find a salad bowl big enough.  I mean, this is a large mixing bowl.  Are they just the same?  Also, I devoured this salad within ten minutes.  It's like I had no filter, shoveling fork-full after fork-full into my face.  Also...?  Putting jalapenos in my salad was the most awesome decision I've ever made.

Before you go, did you see THIS?

And a *BRAIN HUG* just for you!  #TeamNoPants

Which do you enjoy more:  Swimming indoors or outdoors?

I get RAVENOUS after I swim -- does this happen to you?



  1. Haha! I'm a swimmer and can never see out of my googles. What's worse are the indents I have hours after swimming. I will be checking out your goggles!

  2. That salad looks magically delicious. <3 (+ I love that pro tip, hahaha. :P )

    Apples + almond butter = such an amazing snack!

  3. WRONG. We are just too sexy for our goggles. And our shirts.
    And I also am rav post swim. Too much time to think about it without distraction.
    I will text you about lunch!

  4. 81 miles on the treadmill? I think my longest was 16 and that was long enough.

    What class are you taking?


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