Monday, June 8, 2015

1, 002 pictures kind of Marvelous day.

My Saturday started off by stalking some of you guys, and heading out for a shorty-long run.  A medium run?  Yeah.  I had a dentist appointment at 8:00am, so I had to head out early.  I didn't mind leaving so early, since it was absolutely gorgeous outside.

Seven miles, a two-minute shower (POWER SHOWER!), and a bowl of Raisin Bran + vanilla almond milk later, and I hopped over to my dentist's office.  I actually just walked around the corner from my apartment.  I've never been so pleased to go have my teeth cleaned.

I came home afterward and got ready to hit up a Body Works class at the gym.  I need to be doing this wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more often.  There isn't a ton of time allotted for strength training in a triathlete's training schedule.  But you seriously have to fit it in somewhere.

Post-workout snack.

Harry finished his run, and we took off to pick up Sophs.  We *needed* a couple of things (I.e. floss) at Target.  We ended up spending a good amount of time there, and spending an embarrassing amount of money.  *le sigh*  At least Sophs had a good time.

It seems like she's going through this phase where she wants to read EVERYTHING out loud.  Road signs, signs in the restroom, at the cash register, store signs, notes, all of the cards, nutrition labels...


We checked out and since Sophs hadn't eaten in a while, but we were heading to a party, I asked if she wanted a pretzel before the long haul home.  I ended up getting my first JambaGo!

And Sophia was apparently, totally, completely exhausted, because she NEVER naps or falls asleep in the car.

We went to Fearless Leader/Lord of the Wings Greg and Solemate Steph's house for their house-warming and Blackhawks watching party.  Greg had set up their front room so Soph could watch "Frozen" in peace.  He might be her new fave "Uncle".

Steph made sure that she'd have refreshments, and so Sophs made off with two Goose Island root the pockets of her jacket.  I can't tell if she thought she was being sneaky, or if she just wanted attention.  Probably both.

Harry had the brilliant idea of taking Sophs to Superdawg for dinner.  I wasn't about to say "no" to that.

Don't worry -- we still got to watch the Blackhawks game.:)

I have no idea why she keeps making this face when someone's taking pictures of her, but whatever.

Here's my something *Marvelous* for today -- Sophs -- faceplanted.  She had just finished her last burpee for her Karate Black Belt exercises, and just STAYED THERE.

I'm counting this as today's *BRAIN HUG*, as well.  Because lookit.

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day.  We had gone to Harry's little sister's graduation party, but I was so thoroughly engaged in fantastic conversation, I forgot to take pictures  OF COURSE.  What I DID take a picture of was Harry on the spin bike with me.  This has never happened...I figured I should document it.

Some riding tunes.

Harry and I got home after dropping off Sophia and going to the gym, exhausted.  We threw on a scary movie and made some OYO ("On Your Own") dinners.  We couldn't come to a conclusion on what we both wanted, so we just make what we want sometimes.:)

Did you have a Marvelous weekend?!

Did you race this weekend?

Anyone workout with their significant other?
-Harry and I will run together every once in a while.

RANDOM:  Fave way to unwind?


  1. Favorite way to unwind = laying on the couch watching totally trashy TV : ) No race this weekend, but have one coming up at the end of June which I am looking forward to ! I will sometimes run with my boyfriend, but we usually do our own workouts. Every Friday we do circuit training together though which has been a great motivator for me to do some weight training. Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. Low Rider just makes me think of the jousting scenes from A Knight's Tale. A great film, btw. I need to get my teeth cleaned like WHOA. But that requires spending money and doing such difficult things as making appointments. Lame!

    1. SAME.HERE. I imagine Heath Ledger on the raft trying to get the joust in the ring. Heh.

  3. Sophia is so funny! I REALLY need to make a dentist apptand get a cleaning but it sounds like a lot of work... also, I always spend and embarassing am out at Target. It's sad.


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