Thursday, May 21, 2015

#TOLT: Cookies Edition (I NEED YOUR HELP - VOTE and I'll send you some!)

Happy Friday Eve, y'all!  Let's do some thinking...

1.  Harry and I are meeting up with friends to do Bike the Drive this Sunday!  Sophs will spend Friday evening with us, rather than Saturday night, so we can hit Lake Shore Drive for some longer cycling miles.


2.  We have about a month left until summer for school (at least my district).  I thought that Soph and I could make all of the faculty and staff at my school some treats.  And some for us, too.  Hopefully I'll remember to throw the cookies in the fridge before we go to Bike the Drive.  If I get home from 30-45 miles on the bike and those things are out, it's all over.  For the cookies.


HELP ME CHOOSE which cookies Sophia and I should make

3.  The first of the choices: Milky Way Cookies

4.  Orrrrrrrrrrrr, maybe go with a bar?

S'mores bars on ...These are SO easy and literally heaven in your mouth! #recipes

5.  Keep it classic?


6.  Or really go cray...?


8.  No #TOLT is complete without a picture of my wonderful running buddies meeting up the night prior.  Fearless Leader Greg and Sole Mate Steph are out of town on vacay (rude), so it was the five of us doing as we pleased on the track.  3/5 of the gang opted for 800s, while Harry did a small pyramid (200, 400, 400, 200), and I did 4 x 400s.


Pizza and brew cooldown.

9.  No #TOLT is complete without my swim workout from Wednesday -- 

4 x 500 yards

I was STARVING afterward; I'm always ravenous after I swim!  Breaky was a croissant sammich with egg white, cheese, and turkey sausage and a banana.

10.  AND LASTLY -- No #TOLT is complete with a *BRAIN HUG!* 

(Although I think all of the pictures of cookies is *Brain Hug* enough.)

PLEASE HELP by casting your vote for which cookies we should bake {in the comments section, pleaaaaaase!]!  I cannot make this decision on my own, and if I ask Sophia, she'll just say "ALL OF THEM!".

Also, I will totally select a random winner to receive some of said cookies.  Totally.  
Do you have a favorite day you like to bake?
-Mine used to be Thursday evenings.  Just a way to speed it up into Friday.:)

Use THREE WORDS to describe your week so far!  (Contractions count; see below)

What's the last movie you watched?  Did you enjoy it?

Do you bake/cook stuff for your friends at work or meet-ups/clubs?


  1. Oh the unicorn poop cookies for sure lol. In all seriousness, though, I'm on a pretty big bar kick right now, so the s'mores bars are definitely my pick. But if you want to go the traditional cookie route, then the Rolo ones -- nothing like chocolate and caramel :D

    1. So you vote ROLO cookies? Or the bars? I can't tell. I'll put you down for *both*.

  2. Smores bars! I'm local too :) You won't have to ship far! Good Luck with Bike the Drive-- hope the weather is decent!! So done with this November like week we are having!!

  3. Unicorn poop cookies, but add in chocolate chips and craisins or something for effect :D

    1. I don't know if I should laugh or guffaw at this comment, so I'll do both. LAUFFAW.

  4. S'mores bars, FTW! That would be my vote. In fact, make an extra batch and deliver them to me. ;) Have a great time at Bike the Drive!

    1. The Chi-Athlete will deliver!

      And THANKS! It was an awesome time last year!

  5. I really like the smores bars as well. Anything and everything smokes I really like! I saw that donut meme as well. I absolutely love donuts....they are my favorite dessert!

    1. S'mores might win it! And I'm so with you on the donuts.<3

  6. Ugh, cookies are my weakness! My sister made me some the other day and I honestly ate probably 25 of them in three days. I wish I was joking!

    1. 25 sounds like the perfect serving size. I don't see a problem there.;)

  7. ROLO cookies. 100%. I love to bake and constantly am making new things to bring stuff over to my boyfriends apartment for him and his roommates. I think I may have missed my calling : ) Have a great day!

    1. I think it's awesome you have people to bake for so often. I need more of that in my life, for serious.

  8. Hahahahaha! I DO eat cookies in a horrifyingly violent manner. Why is that?
    I just love them SO much. I actually just ate a cherry filled cookie baked by a co-worker and it was GLORIOUS.

  9. The Rolo cookies! You had me at "I'll send you cookies!"

  10. I can't believe no one else has voted for the Milky Way cookies, they sound amazing! Totally random, my husband and I were planning to bike the entirety of Lakefront trail this Saturday for the first time, so glad I stumbled across this post! We aren't very good at knowing what's going on in our awesome city, but I signed us up today for Bike the Drive :D So excited, thank you!!

    1. I'm not kidding right now -- The Milk Way cookies were my first find, and secretly my first vote. Then I saw the other ones, so there's that.

      OH MY GOSH -- That makes me SO HAPPY! Have an AMAZING time!


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