Monday, April 6, 2015

Until Further Notice

How about this for #MIMM?!

It's Spring Break for me!  Also, I'm warning you:  This post is 99.7% food content.  That isn't unusual, so I'm not sure why I'm warning you.

But before I could kick back and live in my favorite pants (though this certainly didn't stop me from doing so), we had Sophs for the Easter weekend.  And at age seven (nearly eight), who doesn't love playing window games with their father?

Here's where the many pictures of food and fun begin:  The Costco lunch.

It tickles me pink that Sophs wants to unlock my Jeep doors.  Since it's a *real* Jeep (yup, I'm a Jeep snob...none of that frilly *keyless entry*, *automatic locks and windows* or pretty media screens in my Jeep, thank you!), this is the only way to get in.  It's cute that she loves it.

We got home and chilled out for a bit, then it was time to decorate some eggs.

And to munch on some eggs of a different variety.

STOP.  It's been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since we've had SKOOKIES!

Easter morning!

Our Easter Bunny pancake.  He was delicious.

Probably one of the best purchases we've ever made at Costco (and that's saying A LOT) was a couple of new kites to fly through the air.

They're enormous, and barely fit in the back of my Jeep.  I can jot that down as an incentive to buy a new car, right?

From Harry's Instagram --

And until further notice, I will stay in these pants.

How was your Easter, friend?

Plans for this week?  Anything funsies?

Do you have a favorite pair of shorts/pants/something else that you love to lounge in?
-I'm dead serious about not leaving these pants.  'Cause you gotta have goals.


  1. This post is magical. My everything pants were my jeans that I have just had to throw out because they have a very unfortunate hole in a place that cannot be repaired and I kept wearing them.
    Also I have never really been to Costco. I have been 2 steps inside, but that is it. I think I would lose my mind if I did.

    1. Um, I'm going to take you to Costco. I'll hold your hand and everything.

  2. Perfect weekend for flying a kite! The wind was brutal this weekend. Especially for my long run on Saturday. I guess that is what you get living in Chicago. Looks like you had a great weekend.

  3. BUNNY PANCAKE!!! That thing is fabulous!!!! You guys look like you had such a fun weekend. I am going to need to get a skookie into my life at some point. Holy yum.

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! Love that bunny pancake! The kite looks like lots of fun!

  5. Yep totally have a pair of pants and even a shirt for crummy days - they just make me feel warm and comfy!!

  6. It's not Easter unless there's a Reese's egg!

  7. That bunny pancake is way too cute. Love it. Glad you had a great weekend and that I am not the only fitness blogger who indulges in the Costco lunch. I worked on Easter, so didn't do anything special. And nothing special planned for this week, either. Just trying to catch up on blogging stuff on my days off. :)


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