Thursday, April 9, 2015

TOLT: Because Thursdays are weird.

Today's Thinking Out Loud might get a little serious and completely bizarre-o random and nonsensical, but it'll be okay.  We'll get through this together.  With Nutella.  Nutella always helps.

And in fact,

1.  I think our beautiful host Amanda needs this spoon?

2.  Number two is reserved for serious things.  *le snicker*  

Do we ALL have a thousand things to do?  Yes.  Do most of us manage?  Yes.  It's the process leading up to *manage* where most of us differ, and where most of us learn to at which to get better.  It's usually when I have a ton of downtime that my brain starts getting worked up, and my nerves follow.

Case in point:  I have my first triathlon in two years in two months.  My spotty training, the constant sickies (it's SO DUSTY in my P.E. gym!), the lack of motivation -- it all boils down to one thing:  Prioritizing.  That is my BIGGEST "GRRR".  I have felt out of sorts the past couple of days, mainly because I can't decide which way is up with many things.  I got the point yesterday where I felt like I was chasing my own tail.

3.  So I calmed myself by hopping on the bike for a bit.  I decided to celebrate the Lost lottery numbers (4.8.15) while spinning.  And taking weirdly suspicious pictures of myself.


 3.  I have no idea where we got these enormous apples, but I swear that they're on 'roids.

'Roid apple + Oikos vanilla Greek yogurt + Raw Wisconsin honey = happy tummy.

4.  WHAT.  Why are you on MY street?

5.  800s at the track with the /R/iver /R/unners crew last night.  It was a strange evening, where we  (okay, maybe just) I wanted nothing to do with running -- the temps had dropped throughout the day, the sky had been overcast and it was starting to drizzle just a little.

We still got through it, 95% of us together (since the Hobbit always runs away after the warm-up).

6.  And we were off to Revolution Brewery for beer and pizza.  The way God intended it. 

7.  Seven is my favorite number.  So I'm going to put something special here.

8.  Today is a great day for doing nothing but Netflix'ing (I made that a verb, and hopefully it'll someday become a sport).  I got kinda lucky this week, in that I'm nearly *forced* to chill out.  As busy as I'm used to being, and how much I love being that busy, this has been seriously wonderful, no matter how bonkers the downtime has made me.

9.  And on that note, a rarity is happening this weekend:  We have nothing to do.  This happens maybe once every other month, where we just have absolutely no social engagements to attend, no Sophs, and no races or events.  I'm kind of digging that, mainly because I want to watch more X-Files and can't do that without Harry.:)

10.  Thanks for sticking with me this far.  We're almost done with this terribly rocky stream of thoughts, but thanks for reading/listening.:)  Your *Brain Hug* for today -- Because Thursdays are tough...and Corgis make tough days turn into wicked-awesome days.:)

Also, honey, can we get a Corgi?  <3 <3 <3
What do you do when you feel like stuff is piling up in your brain?


Kayla is forever my fave!

Plans/No plans this weekend?!


  1. I love Corgis! They are so cute!!! We have a daschund mix, and she's my favorite puppy :)
    That apple with greek yogurt looks so delicious and that photo of the goose reminded me of my run yesterday...I saw 2 geese right on the path where I was running. I got some photos, they let me get surprisingly close.
    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Thursdays are kind of weird days. :)
    I'm not a big dog person, but I LOVE corgis and King Charles spaniels. One day I know we are going to end up with a dog because my daughter loves them. And that is quite easily the most ridiculously large apple I've ever seen!

  3. I love that spoon! But.. I'm allergic to Nutella >.< I know. It kind of kills me inside too. But looking at cute puppies helps :) I'm mostly a big dog kind of person, but it's hard to say no to any of them. And weekends when I have nothing to do are probably some of my favourites. Especially when the weather is gorgeous!

    1. Well, the good news is that that's more Nutella for me? I will eat some FOR you!:)

  4. I love Nutella and I'm in love with that spoon!!

    Dogs are my life...I volunteer at an animal shelter as a dog walker and have a lab mix of my own, so I will take any kind of dog (the bigger the better for me!!)

  5. That spoon is awesome! And I had some geese chilling in the parking lot of a mall the other day taking up a few spots lol! Funny critters :)

  6. a) I need that spoon in my life and
    b) I also realized that i need a corgi as well... sigh. i think the first is more attainable than the latter.
    This weekend is going to be SO LAZY for me. Netflix and couch beds all weekend :)


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