Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Things Tangent Tuesday

FACT:  Yesterday morning's spin class was fueled by pan pizza.

Tangent -- And this came on during spin class.  Do you ever feel like you cannot escape someone or something -- such as T. Swift (every radio station seems to be playing one of her songs all at the same time!), or Pitbull?  I can't get away from this guy.

Tangent -- Getting back on track, and getting to a 5:45am spin class makes me feel prepared for the rest of the week.  Not only does it do that, but it helps me feel more organized, training wise, as well as recovered.  It soothes my leggies.

After a pretty long day (my schedule changed with preps, so my lunch and classes were switched around just a bit), I got home and CHILLED.  Knowing that I have a ton of stuff to do today just made me exhausted yesterday.  Harry got home (equally, if not more, mentally and physically drained), and we started making dinner.

Tangent -- His burgers are the best.:)

I saw this yesterday, and it really resonated with me.  I love when I read scripture or words of encouragement that I'm positive were sent from God Himself for me at that very moment.  It's like a note He passed me, reminding me of something I need to remember or work on.

This afternoon will be my track team's first practice.  My girls do not have the same things I had when I was on middle school track, i.e. cleats and uniforms supplied by the school, hurdles, starting blocks, sand pits, jump and crash pads, and oh yeah, A TRACK.  We are walking/jogging to a nearby park that has a 1/2 mile loop trail and will begin our practices there.

I'm not gonna lie:  I am excited about this.  It is a happy challenge.  I've thought of so many ways we can work with some of these kids with minimal equipment, and it makes me feel encouraged to brain storm and use my God-given abilities of exercise and sports physiology.

Tangent -- My run this morning was OUTSTANDING.  I had three new things going for me:

A new tune (that remained on repeat).

New shoes.

 New running partner.  Back again so soon, Sunrise?

Short, but fun.  Breaking in new shoes is always fun.

Tangent -- What I found with my new things this morning.






Have a gorgeous Tuesday, friends!
Sunny and a high of 68*F here today.  What's the weather like today where you are?

Did you play/compete in any sports in middle or high school?
-I ran track, played volleyball, basketball, rode/jumped horses (Hunter), was a dancer, cheerleader, and swimmer.  

Ever coached any sports?
-Volleyball, Cheer, and Basketball!  


  1. Tell my tendonitis to go away so the sunrise and I can be friends too

  2. Your new shoes are awesome!! I love the colors!!

    Good luck with track practice...those girls sure are lucky to have you :)

    1. Thank you! It's always tough taking it easy on the first run in new shoes.:P

  3. I agree about the Taylor Swift songs. I like them but lately am getting annoyed because they're on all of the time. Now, Pitbull, I like his music.


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